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[b]Quest Name:[/b] The Shadow Cast Stone (P1): The Audition
[b]Quest Type:[/b] Rare
[b]Quest Rank:[/b] Experienced
[b]Quest Requirements:[/b] Group | Minimum of Apprentice Rank | 1.5k WC Minimum each | Liones Only
[b]Quest Description:[/b]
I have been tasked with gathering seasoned adventurers to assist me in completing my Lord's task.
My Lord's son has fell gravely Ill and fears that without some sort of miracle he will perish soon.
I have discovered the possible location of one of the famed Shadow Cast Stone's.
Each of which is said to be able to cure any ailment.

To retrieve this stone I request YOUR assistance in retrieving the stone from its resting place.
In order to find the correct talent that I am seeking there will be auditions held in my Lords estate.
We seek those who are both strong in combat and one's with cunning guile.
Fairbanks Estate, 5 days from today's date.
Those who I find worthy from the candidates will be allowed to join me in this quest to retrieve the stone from its resting place.
A word of caution, the resting place of the stone is no place for the weak of body.
The Fairbanks family will not be held responsible for your demise if it so chooses to fall upon you.

Once the stone has been retrieved and returned to the estate each participant shall be justly rewarded.[/i][/center]

[b]Quest Rewards:[/b] Xp | Unlock "The Shadow Cast Stone P2"[/list]


[b]Quest Name:[/b] The Stolen Holy Weapon
[b]Quest Type:[/b] Rare
[b]Quest Rank:[/b] Expert
[b]Quest Requirements:[/b] Restricted [Lex, Relius]

[b]Quest Description:[/b] Sometime in the past there was a chance meeting between Relius of the Danafor Bishop's and the Most Wanted criminal in Britannia the Gilded Fox; unknowingly known as Lex Ivrend. Relius, with the law by his side, attempted to apprehend the criminal while she attempted to escape the city from a heist. Though during their brief encounter Relius found himself not only outclassed by the criminal but humiliated as well when she confiscated his weapon. To the criminal it was merely a way to toy with the knight but to him it meant something much more. After the encounter Relius found himself without his newly obtained weapon and set out to retrieve it by his name as a Bishop of Danafor.

Upon another chance meeting some time after the incident Relius found himself unknowingly among familiar foes when he once again encountered Lex while searching a village for clues on the whereabouts of his sword. Not realizing that the woman he was speaking to was in fact the Gilded Fox the same person who took his weapon from him, whom had long since disposed of the sword to a bum in some village. She offered her assistance in his search by posing as a simple adventurer as she normally would. To whatever results that she is aiming for by helping the knight is up for debate though what ever they are one thing can be said for certain, the infamous Gilded Fox will have her fun with the Knight before he can lay his hand upon his treasured sword.

[*]Thag the Collector | Expert 2-5 | An infamous bandit within Danafor known for his collection of trophies gathered from his fallen foes, most notably from the Knights of Danafor. He only recently came upon the sword Vagabond after his men pillaged a traders caravan, who purchased it from a bum at a rather low price. Strangely Thag was the only one who realized the potential that the sword held and has hence decided to use it himself. He is known to be a brutish tank, possessing strong armor, his new sword Vagabond, and his favored weapon a crossbow.
[*]Minx the Pack Rat | Experienced 3-5 | Thag's right hand man, as well as the man responsible for the acquisition of the majority of his collection. He is only known to ever leave his superiors side when he takes the men out to pillage. He is well known for being a one man armory, caring a large number of assorted weapons on him at any time to fit the foe.
[*]5x Elite Bandit
[*]15x Bandit
[b]Quest Rewards:[/b] Xp | Retrieval and acquisition of Vagabond

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