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Kesil Moyna

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[b]Name:[/b] Kesil Moyna
[b]Country Affiliation:[/b] Wanderer
[b]Race:[/b] Fanalis
[b]Tier:[/b] D
[b]Specialization:[/b] Dexterity
[b]Age + Birthdate:[/b] 18 | October 10th
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Sexuality:[/b] Homosexual

[b]Personality:[/b] Once she was a very kind and trustful person towards those around her, though after she was betrayed she became distrustful and spiteful, saying that she cannot trust anyone who's loyalty is not under her complete control. Nowadays, to the normal passerby, she seems to have a constant irritated and slightly 'I'm done with this crap' look on her face which would be just about along the lines of the truth. Though in reality its just the simple fact that she just tends to hate and distrust everyone around her completely, having become sick and tired of lies and games long ago. She has little to no motivation to interfere within the affairs of others if there is nothing that she herself can gain from the situation, being the type of individual who will take as much as she can as reward from someone when they are at their lowest. Though at the same time, which seems odd for someone of her reputation, she is not one that will take something that someone needs to survive.

When interacting with others she tends to keep everything to the short and sweet. If she does not have to she will simply respond to everything with simple yeah's and no's. Overall she tries to keep her interactions with others to a minimum, as she expects nothing but the worst from everyone she meets, its difficult to disappoint or trick her. Even against a tempting offer that most would jump to the occasion on she is the type to simply not even to want to hear it and be done with it before it even happens. She is just simply not fond of people in general and does not care about being 'alone'; rather she prefers it.

The line that Kesil walks, despite having already fallen into depravity long ago, is a very strange one. While she does not outright seek out to cause pain and suffering in others she takes great pleasure in seeing it in those that betrayed her in the past or those who are the same type of people. Overall it may even be said that she has done more good for the world than bad, though whether or not this is true she herself does not care as she simply does what she feels like. One of the things she distastes in others the most is forcing others into something in which they both have not part in nor have any wish; essentially those who just wish to be left alone. Then again this does not mean that she is a 'defender of the "Innocent"' as the so called innocent many times play a part in it themselves and just simply get over their heads.

Despite her general dark and dreary demeanor to those that she could call her 'friends' she is a exceptional ally, fully willing to lay down everything on the line in order to be sure of their safety. While she is a 'Unintentional Miser', to her friends she is extremely loose with her coin as despite her general Miser attitude towards money she cares little about it at all. One of the strangest things that people have said about her is her unearthly inhuman tolerance to alcohol, even when she was young, to the point where is is most likely impossible for her to get drunk let alone a buzz.
[b]Likes:[/b][list][*] Saving Money
[*] Warm Climates
[*] Drinking
[*] Stuffed Animals
[*] Dogs
[/list] [b]Dislikes:[/b][list][*] People
[*] Oceans
[*] Fridays
[*] Cats
[*] Vegetarians
[/list][b]Aspirations:[/b][list][*] To be able to utilize her Heirloom.
[*] To finally become one of the 'Strong'.
[*] To destroy those who betrayed her.
[/list][b]Phobias/fears:[/b] Being betrayed

[b]Face-Claim:[/b] Deviantart | SavvySleeves
[b]Hair Color:[/b] Light Blonde (Magically Dyed) Naturally Red.
[b]Eye Color:[/b] Sky Blue (Magically Dyed) Naturally Red
[b]Height:[/b] 5'9"
[b]Weight:[/b] 140lbs

[b]Rukh Alignment:[/b] Black
[b]Special Traits:[/b] Enchanted Features: Ever since she was betrayed Kesil has saw her red hair/eyes heritage as nothing but a eye sore and after months of searching she eventually found a mage who was able to enchant her hair/eyes so that she could change its natural color from red to light blonde/Sky Blue; she is capable of changing it between these two at will.
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