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Abbott Breens

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[table][tr][td][b]NAME:[/b] Abbott Breens
[b]EPITHET:[/b] Four Eyed
[b]AGE:[/b] 22
[b]GENDER:[/b] Male
[b]RACE:[/b] Human
[b]SEXUALITY:[/b] Heterosexual

[b]AFFILIATION:[/b] Pirate
[b]OCCUPATION:[/b] Supernova; Weapon Master (Spears), Sniper (Spears)

[b]HAIR COLOR:[/b] Light Red
[b]EYE COLOR:[/b] Brown
[b]SKIN TONE:[/b] Caucasian
[b]HEIGHT:[/b] 5'11"
[b]WEIGHT:[/b] 170lbs

[b]PERSONALITY:[/b] Abbott, overall, is generally a well mannered and spoken individual which is more evidence of his higher civilized upbringings as a child. Though the more one speaks to him the more they seem to realize that most of his speech patterns are littered with polite sarcasm. Tending to be a fairly laid back character even when he or his allies are in a pinch, whether this is arrogance or truth is another question entirely. Normally showing a cautious, observing expression on his face. Though his general demeanor never stops him from asking blunt, if not somewhat offensive or rude, questions to people or even his rivals nor does he have problems with directly insulting people, even smiling defiantly when doing so. [/td][td][img][/img][/td][/tr][/table]

When compared to most of the other pirates around his level he is generally seen as a much more level headed individual, even to the point of where many people begin to question his entire reasoning for becoming a pirate in the first place. As he seems to have some semblance of honor, generally unwilling to fight a injured opponent or even assisting someone get out of a pinch so that he can have a fight with them at a later date. Having no quarrels about using drastic or even slightly sadistic methods to get what he desires. Often or not using others to move in ways that he wishes to better his own situation. Generally thinking in a logical manner as to what he could possible gain out of the said situation. Many times being to the point of being cruel; the ends justify the means.

Despite working with (temporary) allies on many occasions he despises being ordered around. This being one of the many reasons why he did not join the marines as his family wished. When working with others he is generally blunt about his intentions, not wanting there to be any sort of confusion on the manner, often or not stating that they are not his enemy as long as they do not get in the way. Though this does not mean that he does not value his allies assistance as if they prove their worth he may even go out of his way, abet slightly, to get them out of a pinch. Though this is normally ended by him stating that they now 'owe him one'.

One of his strangest quirks is his unearthly love for dogs, while he has no problems beating the living crap out of a human or even kicking away a hungry stray cat, dogs are one of the few things that he would never harm. It being a strange sight for many people when the normally cold and aloof man is suddenly baby talking to some random dog he sees. To those who hurt a dog in his presence there is no chance for mercy, it being one of the few instances where his brutal and truly sadistic side comes out.
Bad Ramen
Solitary Environments
Rainy Days
Dogs[/list][b]DISLIKES:[/b][list]Unnecessary Trouble/Interruptions
Being Ordered Around
Religion[/list][b]MOTIVATIONS:[/b][list]To live a life of true freedom[/list][b]FEARS:[/b][list]Being controlled[/list]

[b]INNER LINAGE:[/b] Thirds Mind: A natural ability portrayed by Abbott, in the most logical way he himself once explained it that he sees himself and his surroundings as though he was in the 3rd person view. This mindset grants him a unique perspective on the world and events unfolding around him and allows him to see things objectively and logically at all times. Effectively allowing him to calmly and logically think things through, allows peaceful state of mind, immunity to psychological effects and attacks. Though on the negative side this does unconsciously make him speak in the 3rd person many times.

[b]Skill Name:[/b] Kano Kano no Mi (Lit 'Possible Possible Fruit')
[b]Skill Type:[/b] Paramecia
[b]Skill Information:[/b] The Kano Kano no Mi is a paramecia type devil fruit which bestows upon the user the ability to manifest the possible movements an object may take as if they themselves were moving it; turning the user into a parallel human. With every movement we make there is always the possibility that we may of taken another path, this is the power of this devil fruit user the ability manifest within the real world the many possible paths an object may take. When the user activates their power a copy of the object they are touching will split from the original and begin to move around in the environment seemingly under the users control. This essentially allows the user to create copies of objects and move them freely through their environment as they wish, though this also means that the objects could not move in such as way that the user themselves could not do. Effectively meaning that if the user could not physically lift a object they could never use their ability on it.
[b]Skill Strengths:[/b]
1. User can create copies of objects they touch and freely control them in their environment.2. 3. [/list]
[b]Skill Weaknesses:[/b]
1. Movement of objects is directly limited to the users own physical abilities.2. 3. [/list]

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