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Fervor Rising wrote:Deep within the eastern expanse of the Reim Empire, nestled within the confines of the hills, lies the city of Turin. A city as old as that of Reim itself if not even older. The city while being on the edge of the empire it is one of the few that is well known for its skilled smiths and possibly even more importantly the rich iron mines that lie to the south in the Jagged Hills. Despite its fame it is one that one rarely frequents in travels due to the sheer length of time it takes to traverse the outlandish landscape that surrounds it. Though as of the last year the amount of travel to the remote city has drastically changed from merely a few travelers per month to hundreds. All of which due to the strange appearance of a tower in the middle of a city and the discovery of a new ore called Regillum.

Tower Arc - Adventurers travel to the city to attempt the dungeon, learning about the Towers sudden appearance and the discovery of of the new ore called Regillum which is nothing like the world has seen in a age.
    - City
    - Tower (Fight)
    - Capture (Revelation, Truth Reveal)
    - - Keslil, the witch who created the Regillum, is creating it in mass quantities using the souls of the countless number of adventures who enter the farce dungeon; as who becomes suspicious to one who enters and never leaves a dungeon. With the mass quantity of Regillum in hand she wishes to use it to create a new form of Djinn, something that would normally be far beyond her knowledge and power, using her own living blood. Intending to transform her blood into a Djinn and create a more powerful version of a Vessel User; a Blood Vessel User. The first step of the Fervor Veil.

Regillum is a rare, and generally unknown, mineral only found under the Jagged Hills of the Reim empire. While the local inhabitants who mine and process the mineral seem to understand it more than outsiders rumor has it that the ore itself has a strange affinity towards magic. By imbuing weapons or staffs with this ore one will find that it becomes increasingly easier and more importantly less taxing to cast and utilize magic. As if the ore itself was rewriting the spells to become easier to understand and become more efficient.

In truth the ore is not something found within the natural world, in fact it is something entirely man made. With the Turin mines becoming dry of iron they enlisted the help of a powerful witch of the Fervor Veil to scry out the location of new, richer iron veins in the Jagged Hills. Though instead of finding new non-existent Veins the witch discovered a strange trash rock that was abundant in the region. For centuries the locals had mined through this extraordinary hard rock to reach the nearby iron veins, not knowing that this strange rock held an affinity towards the Ruhk. With this knowledge the witch began an experiment which was to transform the rock into Regillum. While most individuals were oblivious to the process, by setting a living human aflame in a magical form of fire one can burn away the beings soul and by having the rock present nearby, instead of the soul returning the the great flow, the remnants of the soul are instead drawn into the rock and become infused; transforming it into Regillum. Leaving behind a hollow husk of a human which can be easily controlled by a mage.

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