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CHARACTER SHEET[/font][/center]
[b]Full Name:[/b] Axel Phaer
[b]Nickname:[/b] Smoky Hunter
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Birthday:[/b] October 15th
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Aura:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Aura Color:[/b] Green
[b]Semblance:[/b] [spoiler="Shimmer"]
[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][b]Type:[/b] Supplementary[/font]
[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][b]Description:[/b] Shimmer is an ability which alters the way in which both their own body interacts with light and how light interacts with the world around them. The user is able to passively increase the amount of light their eyes can take in, allowing them to see further in higher resolutions, and even in the night. Further more they are able to alter the types of light their body absorbs and reflects as to alter their physical visibility to create a form of camouflage. In altering the way light interacts with their environment they can alter light paths as to create physically identical holograms of themselves, though to create a moving hologram is far more difficult than a stationary one and would only last a few seconds.[/font]
[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][b]How it represents you: [/b][/font][/spoiler]

(150+ words)

[b]Weapon:[/b](Insert link to application)
[b]Fighting Style:[/b]As what most would expect of someone of his general demeanor and choice of abilities, Axel is primarily a long range fighter. Preferring to take out his targets from afar as to not have to be bothered by closing the gap or to give them a chance to counter attack. Utilizing a range of stealth based techniques in order to mask his path and physical presence, making him more akin to an assassin than a fighter. It has even been noted by many that even the way he walks produces almost no sound. Tending to use decoys and traps in order to confuse and take out his targets with pin-point shots while they chase down their target, exploiting even the smallest of openings. So as expected he would rather prefer to stay out of close range of a opponent, though if it comes down to it he has shown to be highly agile to evade his opponents, redirect the force of their attacks, and even to the point of being able to use his sniper rifle or pistols as a close range weapon. Further more, in close to mid range he will utilize his aura abilities to create decoys and further mask his visible presence and make a opponent waste attacks. Moving back to the long range side of him, he has shown incredible aptitude for situational awareness and ranged perception, possessing a high sensitivity to what is both transpiring in the immediate area around him as well as to what is going on at ranges much farther than most most humans could see; having a keen eye for detail. Capable of judging the distance between himself and a target within a small margin, deduce the types of elemental conditions that will change bullet trajectory, target movement predictions, and any other factor that effects whether or not he can hit a distant target.
[b]Eyes:[/b] Green
[b]Hair:[/b] Paris green
[b]Height:[/b] 6'0"
[b]Weight:[/b] 170lbs

[b]Personality:[/b] Axel, to those who have just met him, appears to be one of those individuals who grew bored of most of the world around him at a early age and for the most part they would be right. Having scarce enthusiasm and finding little to no entertainment value in social interactions or even more so with idle chit chat, often or not merely responding with a grunt or an irritated look until they get the point. He prefers not to get involved in 'troublesome' activities, often or not pretending to be busy to avoid responsibility. Overall making him a difficult man to read. When speaking to others it is common enough for him to begin raising his voice in agitation from one thing or another, especially if the other person is persistent or talks a lot; often or not resorting to physical violence to quiet them.

He is one who prefers to get things done in the quickest fashion possible, quick and straight to the point though this does not mean he is impatient. As many times the quickest way to get something done is to have a enormous amount of patience. Making him have more of a logical way of getting things done with the least amount of effort or steps. Even when speaking to others he tends to follow the same suit, speaking very bluntly to others even if the situation should call for a more delicate approach.

Despite his chosen occupation he does not particularly enjoy fighting, deeming it, as he does to most things, "troublesome". Usually being the first member of a group to say that it would be better to just get out of the situation rather than press further on. Generally unwilling to sacrifice his own well being for just about anything, especially if he can think of a better way out. If there is not a better way out he will generally act more like a vanguard, as to end it as quick as possible. Making him being seen as a coward to most, though he has done nothing to argue with their claims. Though generally unseen side of him is the slight bit of him who enjoys a good challenge, while normally he receives little to no enjoyment from fighting there is always the few that actually make him want to beat them. It is in those moments that his priorities seem to change.

[b]Goals:[/b] "Ugh... to bothersome to figure out what to do tomorrow." Just about explains his general attitude towards the idea of having a life goal. The way he sees it there are to many unknowns to make anything happen so he would rather just go with the flow as long as its not troublesome.
[b]Fears:[/b][list]Bee's | While it might sound strange for someone if his general fearless attitude towards the world and danger he has a rather unhealthy fear of the flying hive demons. Normally resulting in one of two results; the first being complete fear of the bee's, or the complete annihilation of them and their hive if a rage and fear induced rampage.

[b]Bad Habits:[/b][list]Smoking | Some time in the past Hower picked up the rather... unhealthy and generally frowned upon smoking habit. Claiming that it makes him more focused and clearheaded, though some have speculated that it is just something to pass the time.
Fibbing | Or rather simply put a rather unimportant lie, Hower has the nasty little habit of blurting out seemingly random lies around people or events which seemingly have no significance. Often or not merely causing confusion on the whole scenario or just getting him another series of strange and confused looks.[/list]
[b]Likes:[/b][list]Snacks | Despite how he looks physically, Axel has more than a bit of a sweet tooth... or better to say that simply constantly feels hungry. It not being uncommon to see him munching on a bag of chips or having a plate of freshly made sandwiches.
Nighttime | While many feel fear from the darkness of the night, it is when he feels the calmest. Night generally being the time in which most people are asleep and the world is at its quietest is when he feels that he can relax the easiest.
Sleep | Well technically more of a love-hate relationship between these two, enjoys sleeping when he is just waking up though despises the idea of it when he is trying to go to sleep. Despising the fact that the average person spends over 1/3 of their life asleep, though that does not stop him from dozing off during dull moments.[/list]
[b]Dislikes:[/b][list]Energetic People | Sorta the polar opposite of his own personality, people who never know when to stop moving or talking tend to get on his nerves the most. Not just because they are wasting their energy doing god knows what, but because they are interrupting the before present silence.
Physical Work | Not very surprising that someone who generally prefers a more laid back and passive role tends to be at odds with the whole working up a sweat thing. Though it is not just the whole physical labor thing, its the mixture of the heat, sweating, hot suns, and a few others that makes the whole idea sound nothing but unappealing to him.
Taking Orders | [/list]

[b]Parents:[/b] Jerold Phaer, Lucy Phaer.
[b]Siblings:[/b] n/a

[b]History:[/b] (Be as descriptive as you can be. Where you were born, how your childhood was, etc. This should be at least 300 words.)


[b]Weapon Name:[/b] Red Boys
[color=#9b1912][b]Weapon Type:[/b][/color] Sniper Rifle - Duel Pistol
[color=#9b1912][b]Dust Type:[/b][/color] Red
[color=#9b1912][b]Weapon Appearance:[/b][/color] Red Boys, all and all, appears to be little more than a average high caliber military grade sniper rifle and elongated pistols; capable of firing red dust enhanced .50 caliber rounds.
[spoiler=Sniper Rifle][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Duel Pistols][img][/img][/spoiler]
[color=#9b1912][b]Weapon Functions:[/b][/color] Duel Functionality: Capable of firing red dust infused .50 caliber rounds for intended function. The duel pistols themselves are within the sniper rifles hilt, when willed the user pull out two rectangular boxes from the hilt when can then transform and expand into the shape of the pistols. Secondary the user is capable of using the rounds themselves as explosives (utilizing the red dust that would normally be used for firing as a explosive enhancer), if implanted into the ground the rounds will violently explode off of a motion sensor or upon remote detonation otherwise they can be used as thrown explosives that detonate upon impact or on remote.
[spoiler="Intended Function: Powered Shot"]
[b]Type:[/b] Single Target
[b]Description:[/b] A single fired shot of the sniper rifle that utilizes a large amount of red dust, capable of causing large amounts of damage to even highly armored targets.
[b]Advantages:[/b] Extreme range, high damage. Easily capable of one hitting opponents with correct aim.
[b]Disadvantages:[/b] Heat dissipation, if fired consecutively it is capable of over-heating. Requires cool down period for optimal use.
[spoiler="Secondary Function: Enhanced Detonation"]
[b]Type:[/b] Area of Effect
[b]Description:[/b] Enhanced versions of the explosive rounds, further enhanced by the addition of even more red dust. Easily capable of being implanted into the earth or small crevices which can them be detonated off of motion sensor or remote detonation. Or being simply lobbed at a target as if it were a grenade with a on-impact or remote detonation.
[b]Advantages:[/b] Capable of causing large amounts of damage to the immediate detonation area, splash damage to the area around the immediate. Impact area far larger than its non-enhanced counterpart.
[b]Disadvantages:[/b] Damage based on proximity to the target.

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