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HxH || Aia N. Dkilna

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All the basics
[/div][/div][/blockquote][/blockquote][/blockquote]Full Name: Aia N. Dkilna

Preferred Name:

Age and Birthday: 24, March 22nd

Occupation: Hunter, Phantom Troupe: #5

Alias: Fox Face

[div style="text-align;"]I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was[/div]Hunter Rank: Double Star Hunter

Hunter Type: Blacklist Hunter

Nen Type: Conjurer

Abilities:[blockquote]Wise Halo
The primary ability demonstrated by Aia, Wise Halo is a ability which allows her to create a large number of thing rings. Rings which are normally seen wrapped around her arms and neck as decorative items, this gives her a element of surprise as many do not expect her to have conjured items out constantly or at least make others decide whether she is ether a conjurer or manipulator. The two primarily abilities of her Wise Halo's is their ability to change their circular diameter at inhuman speeds, and her ability to freely control them though the air. The thin nature of the halo's give them a potent cutting ability, and even more so when the diameter is changing or when spinning/moving at high speeds. Though the true ability of her Wise Halo's comes in two parts. The first allows her to connect two of her halos together so if one were to put their hand though the ring of one it would appear out of another. If she were to activate or sever the connection while someone is in between them it will simply bring what ever it may be to its correct position, though she has used the threat that it completely severs what is in between when the connection is broken many times. The second part of this ability comes into play once something is between the rings, whether or not the connection is active or not, as anything in between them becomes easier to break/cut though.

Sub Ability: Capture Print
Capture Print is a ability used alone side Wise Halo, this allows her to 'capture' what ever it is that passes though her halo's. Despite its implications this ability poses no direct harm to anything that passes though it, rather it seemingly does nothing to what ever passes though it. Instead this ability allows her to recreate things that have passed though her halos hence the name of the ability; Capture Print. This means that if a arm passes though the ring, all she would be able to do is recreate the image/movement of the arm as it happened when it first passed though. She cannot alter the prints or its effects in any way.[blockquote]Conditions
1. Print must have passed though a Ring.
2. Must have visual contact on print while it passes though and afterwords.[/blockquote][/blockquote]

Weapons: Ben's Knife, Paralysis poisons.

Strengths: Simply stemming from the simple fact that she currently holds the rank of both a two star hunter and as a member of the Phantom Troupe, it is less than sufficient to say that Aia is a incredibly talented fighter. Being rather notorious for her graceful, cruel, and deceitful fighting ability, Aia is proven to be deadly. Though her primarily pillar when it comes down to fighting style is her speed and agility, matched with chirurgical accuracy. Many even joked about how she is able to dodge a barrage of bullets and sever their necks before the second bullet fires. More than able to completely disappear from sight even to other combatants who specialize in the same field. To keep up with her own speed, her own perception is on the same level. Having proven to be able to sense not only the presence, but also the position of people hidden with Zetsu. In terms of physical strength, while she is powerful enough to preform impressive feats, it is said that she ranks ether 6th or 7th within the Troupe in terms of physical strength but 1st or 2nd in terms of speed. More than able to move and attack from every direction while creating multiple afterimages of herself, creating feints and moving in spaces that seem impossible to those of lesser skill.


[div style="text-align;"]She's got a wicked sense of humor can't believe what she says...[/div]Alignment: Chaotic Neutral





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