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HxH || Fujima Barrowcliffe

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[/font][font=undefined][i]Hunter Applicant* trait * trait *trait[/i][/font]

[i][b][font=undefined]All the basics[/font][/b][/i][/font][/div][/div][/blockquote][/blockquote][/blockquote][font=undefined][font=undefined][b]Full Name:[/b][/font] Cliff Brigginshaw

[font=undefined][b]Preferred Name:[/b][/font]

[font=undefined][b]Age and Birthday:[/b][/font] 22, Nov 18th

[font=undefined][b]Occupation:[/b][/font] Neet, Hunter Applicant


[/font][div style="text-align;"][b][i][font=undefined]I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was[/font][/i][/b][/div][font=undefined][font=undefined][b]Hunter Rank:[/b][/font] N/A

[font=undefined][b]Hunter Type:[/b][/font] N/A

[font=undefined][b]Nen Type:[/b][/font] Specialist

[blockquote]Nemu - Named Space ||
Nemu is the name for the Nen ability produced by Cliff Brigginshaw, an ability which seemingly allows him to freely create barriers in the space around him. Though they tend to take the shape of flat walls or enclosed boxes they are able to take on a variety of shapes and forms, but flat planes seem to be the norm due to the simplicity of their make and therefore their ease of creation. These barriers are able to take a massive amount of damage before cracking, and shattering like a glass plane. More importantly Cliff is able to decide what is and now allowed to pass though his barriers, as such he is bound by the same laws as anyone or anything else that attempts to pass though them. As he is able to chose he is able to even distort certain things that flow though his barriers, such as sound or light. He is also more than able to change the visibility of his barriers from invisible, to apparent but doing so changes the amount of damage a barrier can withstand before shattering. Though no matter their strength, when visible, the barriers are always a transparent blue and purple hue. In, Zetsu, En, Shu, Ken, Ko, and Ryu are all able to be applied to the barriers.

Though as it is seemingly a primary defensive technique, a powerful at that, it is more than able to become an offensive ability. As Cliff is able to freely change its shape and form he can easily manifest one with a edge, allowing it to slice or use the planes themselves to strike opponents as a blunt instrument. Many times making small objects to strike at opponents. Often he will use his barriers to enclose around an opponent, trapping them then slowly or quickly shrinking them and therefore crushing them. Cliff has show the ability to create barriers that pass though opponents, locking them in place as if they were stuck in a wall.

These traits allows his ability to be mistaken for a Emitter ability, as in reality his ability is not the creation of barriers but rather the ability to separate space. This effect only becomes apparent, and available when something is completely enclosed. While enclosed the space inside is essentially in its own world, unable to interact with the outside world, making things such as cell phones and severing ones connection to Nen and/or individuals outside of the barrier.[list]Conditions[1]One must be able to see/have seen (a map will suffice) the placement of the primary points of the barriers planes.
[2]Once set, the laws cannot be changed.

[font=undefined][b]Weapons:[/b][/font] Stun Gun.

[font=undefined][b]Strengths:[/b][/font][blockquote]Cliff, despite his general hatred of physical ability, is surprisingly adept in its practice. Though having no skill in the art of combat, he seemingly has a high amount of stamina, agility, and most importantly reaction timing; possessing a response time much quicker than the average human and surprisingly even many hunters. In terms of mindset he possesses inhuman situational awareness, being able to catch even the smallest details of the goings around him even if his attention is focused elsewhere.[/blockquote]

[font=undefined][b]Weaknesses:[/b][/font][blockquote]As what can expect from a video game addict, Cliff possess little to no ability in the art of physical combat. With the only 'ability' in his arsenal is what he learns from video games. Because of this he will often try to avoid physical confrontations as much as possible.[/blockquote]

[/font][div style="text-align;"][b][i][font=undefined]She's got a wicked sense of humor can't believe what she says...[/font][/i][/b][/div][font=undefined][font=undefined][b]Alignment:[/b][/font]

[font=undefined][b]Personality:[/b][/font] Cliff, all in all, appears to be nothing more than a average boy who wishes to do nothing more than stay in his room and play video games. Caring little to nothing about the idea of real life friends, as most of them do not share his tastes and as such nearly everyone he would consider one is a game addict like himself. Nor does he really concern himself about meeting new people as the ones he already know suffice his tastes. As such he has little to no experience speaking or interacting with females, and will usually try to avoid or pretend to not notice them; as many times his looks tend to draw to much attention.

His view of the world is much similiar to the way one perceives a game, breaking it down into what he needs to gather to accomplish a goal, and where he needs to go to acquire it. Though most importantly what he will be able to obtain from said task, more than often disregarding tasks which he believes he will get nothing out of in the end; aka charity work. One of the things that he despises the most is someone spoiling something for him, as once someone knows how something is going to end their former perspective on the whole ordeal competently changes for the worst.

One of his most distinctive traits is firm believe that he can become a insomniac, as he sees sleep as something unneeded. Coming to this realization after he discovered that the average person spends about 1/3 of their life sleeping, and for the average life span that meant over 20 years. Because of this he normally puts off sleep until the last possible second, to the point of it becoming dangerous for his health. Though despite this many of his family discovered that it was difficult for him to stay awake for over 30 hours.

Video Games
Quiet People
Spicy Foods
Having set rules
Following the quest lines
Being cheated
Physical Labor/Activities[/blockquote]
[font=undefined][b]Fears:[/b][/font][blockquote]To beat something without completing everything. Completionist.
Bee's. Apiphobia
Spoilers, someone telling him how something will end before he can experience and/or see it for himself.[/blockquote]

[/font][div style="text-align;"]

[/div][font=undefined][div style="text-align;"][b][i][font=undefined]Let's start at the very beginning, a very nice place to be[/font][/i][/b][/div][font=undefined][b] History:[/b][/font]Cliff was born in the Republic of Padokia to a very well off family, a father who was a prominent businessman and a stay at home mother who quit her job after she married Cliff's father. As he came from a well off family with a good name, he had been pampered the majority of his life and had to do little for himself. Even though his mother was a stay at home, she spent the majority of her time shopping or with her friends; only staying home long enough to be sure that Cliff had the necessities and for when his father eventually came home. Growing up in this environment molded Cliff into one who did not crave for the company or attention of others, rather when the time came that someone did pay attention to him it almost felt weird.

By the time his school years started he was already a full video game addict, as he preferred the fantasy worlds of video games over the dull real world. During his classes he would spend the majority of his time playing games and only doing enough work in order to keep a passing grade. Over the years people learned to stop trying to include him into anything they were doing, as he would just ignore or blatantly deny it every time, and the few times that they attempted he only grew agitated with them as they interrupted his game.

Much of his life passed in this fashion at least until his 15 year when he came across a new game called the 'Hunter Association', which he did not see that it was in fact a real life group as he never payed attention to current events around the world. After seeing what he though were the possibilities of the game world he immediate signed up. Only to discover weeks later that it was in fact real and not a game. Strangely enough, unlike his norm he figured that since he already signed up for it he mine as well go check it out just to prove that he can beat it just as easily as any other game.


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