Garl The Rock

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Garl The Rock

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Basic Info

First Name: Garl
Middle Name/Initial: I.
Last Name: Vaclav
Epithet: "The Rock"
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 240lbs
Birthplace: August Grove, North Blue
Allegiance: Pirate, Bounty Hunter
Occupation: Fighter, Vanguard
Bounty: 0

Appearance: Requires at least 3 lines of description. Pictures are nice, but not required. If you use a picture, you must also have a description

Personality: Garl seemingly personifies the ideal traits of a warrior; possessing not only a powerful willpower and immobile mind but also a calm and placid demeanor that allows him to stay calm and focused in even the direst of situations. Even to those who have known him for years, no one really knows what goes on in his head as firstly he rarely speaks and for the majority of people the most they will get out of him is a grunt. Though nevertheless Garl is aggressive, amoral and somewhat sociopathic. Tending to be extremely violent when angered, as shown by his tenancy to literally crush opponents like pancakes for doing something that they are not even aware of. As a man of few words he lets his actions speak for him and is very proud of his power. He is not above taunting his enemies with his strength. Despite his somewhat brutish personality, Garl is more than able to be very devious. None the less Garl cannot be considered good nor evil

Character Goals: Glory and Honor


Rank: E
    Strength | 8
    Agility | 4
    Intelligence | 4
    Constitution | 8
    Fortitude | 6

Fighting Prowess
Fighting Style: Great Hammer
Weapon Proficiency:
    Great Hammer | 5

Weapons: Framd | Great Hammer, Shield
Devil Fruit: Kilo Kilo no Mi
Combat Techniques: You start with 5 techniques, including your devil fruit techniques. Further techniques must be bought. When you write down your techniques set it up like such: (Rank _ ) Tech Name -- Tech Description
Union Techniques: You start with 2 techniques. Further union techniques cannot be bought.
Special Techniques: Starts as N/A. Special techniques deal with Haki, Rokushiki, etc.

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