SoulEater-> Makkura, Miira

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SoulEater-> Makkura, Miira

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~Witch Application~

Who Am I...
Name: Makkura, Miira
Age: 756, Looks 25
Height: 5'10
Weight: 130lbs.
Into My Mind...

Personality: Miira at first glance appears to be a very kind a sweet woman, having a gentle speech pattern and always has a kind look on her face. Though in reality Miira's personality is something that wouldn't even consider to be kind, rather it would be considered deceptive, sadistic, cruel, manipulative, and even sickening. With those that know her true personality it comes vary obvious that people are wary of her even within the Witch community, she is not one to work with other witches and looks down upon them greatly. Someone once said that from first look she seems motherly, and the next she seems a absolutely insane mother who kills her own children for fun.

Herself as being more of a scientist than anything like her kin, she likes to see things happen first hand rather than being told by other people what happened. She sees everyone around here as mere tools and pawns for her to use to her own ends. Those that do work with her are usually under her control though various means. She apparently has a love of playing and torturing her opponents mentally and physically, and usually leaves her opponents to suffer excruciating pain to death. Her mind is incredibly calculating and calm and ultimately allows her to notice everything around her and stay steps ahead of her opponents, and so is not easily deceived or manipulated.

Though she does tend to start to lose her calm when things don't go her own way, becoming more aggressive and prone to violent outbursts. She does not look upon failure very well, and a failure usually means death in the eyes of her subordinates. She also tends to play around to much with her opponents, her arrogant nature showing in this thinking that no lesser creature could beat her and allows her targets to make the first moves far to much. She once said herself that she is not above or below doing anything in order to survive, even working with people that she has tried to kill before.
Feel My Strength...
Power Source: Her power comes from one of the most symbolic images of her homeland of Egypt; The Mummy.
Abilities: She is capable of using Soul Protection and flight with a broom stick. Her specialty is Soul Magic.
[Cloth Wrap]
Miira has the ability to produce wrappings around her body though a spell, which at first glance appear to look like cloth though those that take it as such are gravely mistaken. Miira has the ability to control and manipulate these wrappings as she pleases, being able to send them at targets as projectiles, and is able to make them as hard as any weapon and the edges as sharp as any blade. She is able to wrap them around herself as a form of armor, even changing the colors to match her own skin and clothing making it invisible to others, and make it appear that she has incredibly hard skin. With this she is also capable of changing her own physical clothing at any time by changing the shape and color of the wrappings. She is able to lift incredible weights with these and can constrict incredible pressures with these. One of her most symbolic techniques is to wrap her targets like a mummy and constrict it to completely crush their body. The dowsinde of these is the fact that theres only so mutch wrapped around her, so the more she uses to attack her enemies th less and less defence she has.

[Soul Wrap]
Miira has the ability with her wrappings to absorb the soul wavelength of anything that they touch, allowing her to drain the strength of her targets. This can only be used on living creatures, though it does also make her wrappings more resilient to soul wavelength attacks. The one downside to using this is that if she is absorbing someones wavelength the wrappings she has on herself lose their armor abilities temporary, making her sept-able to attack.

[Soul Magic]
One of Miira's more sinister abilities that allows her to control the souls of the deceased under her command, and sometimes even the living. She is capable of storing souls within a esquisite gem on her necklace which has a dimension all of its own similiar to the book of eibon though vastily different. One of her most usefully abilities of this is to summon the souls of the deceased and have them possess extremil weak bodies, or deceased [These are prepared before hand] to preform some purpose, which in one way give her a undead servant for combat. With the souls under her control and their retaining of their former life knowledge she can quickly kill someone, summone one of her pre-prepared bodies and have the soul posses it. Then by using her Wrapp cloth she can make the person look exactially like they did in life and their own soul will take care of the rest though they are far from perfect. Giving her a source of information, a spy, or sometimes a even more powerful minion. With one spell she is capable of summoning coffins containing corpses of once powerful warriors. On touch she can even place souls she has stored in her necklace into other people and use them as a way to control people, which she can cause a extreme amount of pain on their soul when she wishes to the point that they want to die and can use them as a way to talk to them telepathically.

[Melee Abilities]
Normally not a unusual ability, though for a witch it is very odd to use for normally witches tend to stay back and use their magic from a range. Miira though is quite skilled in hand-to-Hand combat, having very good reflex's and agility. When combined with her wrappings abilities it makes a deadly combo, allowing her to make her fingers and hands as sharp as blades and as strong as any weapon. She can create blades from her wrappings anywhere on her body, and by controlling the wrappings she is able to increase her physical speed and strength.
Into The Looking Glass...
Not much was ever known of Miira's early life as a child, though it is known that she was born and raised in Egypt over 700 years ago. When she was merely a small child like many other witches she had a kind and gentle personality who was never one to cry or hate anyone, who took pity on even the smallest of creatures. She was discovered in a Egyptian ruin by a group of archaeologists who had no idea who could of put the child in it for it hadn't been opened in thousands of years, the archaeologists leader took the child in as his own daughter who himself and his wife had been trying to conceive a child for many years and took her in with open arms. Though right away her foster parents found her to be a vary strange child, she was vastly more intelligent than anyone of her age [presumed age from size and dentals]. And found the strangest things to be interesting, she even astonished her foster father once wile he was in his study trying to figure out a pair of hieroglyphics when his daughter suddenly climbed into his lap and read the line of hieroglyphics without stuttering. For somehow the child knew how to read and write ancient Egyptian, and even speak it, it was then that her foster father knew that the child was no ordinary child...rather was something else though he still loved her none the less. Though as Miira grew older and older she became more and more odd, her mind grew more into a scientist than anything else, even going with her father onto digs when she was 14 and nearly discovering the entire ruin by herself. Even as she got older her personality started to shift into something else entirely, she became more arrogant and cruel. Her father once saying that it was like she was trying to figure something, find something in order to fill a void that was getting bigger and bigger, something that her father and mother could never fill. Though Miira truly changed on the day of her 18th birthday which her father hoping that this one thing would bring back his princess, by bringing her to to a ancient pyramid that had been lost since the time of the last Egyptian empire. A pyramid which had been buried under the sands for thousands of years, inside of the pyramid Miira could sense something like she had never felt before and for the first time in her life she had the feeling of calmness like she was supposed to be here. When they finally got to the burial chamber and opened the sarcophagus and took of its top what she saw even astonished her, inside of it was a woman who was far from being a mummy. It was a old woman wearing ancient garments, and she opened her eyes and her father ran for his life though Miira did not. Rather than running she looked upon the old woman she could feel something...that they were somehow the same, Miira had discovered a witch.

After a brief conversation with the ancient witch Miira's entire life changed, she felt something pulsing though her body and felt power...strength coursing though her body and screamed in Pain. Miira was never seen again by her parents nor in Egypt for many years, the ancient witch though that she could use the young witch as a minion of her own to gain status in the Witch world she had forsaken long ago. So in order to strengthen Miira she taught her many things, everything she knew slowly and slowly. Though Miira was much more intelligent than the ancient witch could ever of expected, she had no thoughts of becoming the witches subordinate rather she saw the ancient witch as a way to gain knowledge of her true heritage. After many years of training the ancient witch said that she could teach her no more and that they were ready to claim her place in the world. Miira closed her eyes and paused...when she slowly opened her eyes the ancient witch suddenly grew frightened of the young woman...the Witch. Miira looked straight into the ancient witches eyes, grabbed her by the throat and sucked out her soul. She had never laughed so hard in her life, and she left the pyramid for the first time in many years. Taking her former masters clothes and more importantly her necklace, which was the one thing that she wanted from her master. The necklace would prove herself as a Witch to others like herself, and would show that she was more powerful than her for that necklace was famous within the Witch community and even more the one who wore it. Miira showed herself to the witch community for the first time at a Witch Mass, who the hundreds of witches around her stared not knowing who this beautiful young woman was. The witches gathered around her and she held up the necklace around her neck and the soul of her late master in the other, and immediately the witches around her grew frightful of the girl. Knowing that the only way that the girl could obtain those two items was if she killed the Ancient witch herself, and instantly grew a frightful reputation within the witch community. And a even more hated one by her own personality over the next few hundred years.

Miira became intrigued by Madness and insanity, and even more so in Kishin. So started her long road down the road of studding madness and Evil Souls.

RP Sample
A soft laugh rang in the night air, the soft sound of the wind whispering in the town as it brushed past homes in the night air, the sound of a dog somewhere howling in the night air at the moon. The laugh continued as a dark figure moved slowly across a rooftop, a beautiful hand moving its way into the light of the full moon as it ran itself across the cold stone of the railing. On the ground below there was another dark figure though this one was not elegant as the other. This figure was moving fast as it charged down the ally like a rabid animal " must be hungry my darling little pet....Time for play is over, its time to eat." said the soft voice of a woman. The words rang in the mind of the creature below, it started to pant as drool began to drop from its mouth.

"Who's down there! You shouldn't be alone in the middle of the night you know, theres a murder lose in the streets." said a Police officer who was looking down the dark alleyway at the shrouded creature, the police officer took out his flash light and shone it on the creature.

"Heh, Feast my darling." said the soft voice of the woman, the police officer was frozen in horror as his light shined on the creature. Its mouth dripping in blood, its clothes ragged and spikes coming from its arms. The creature suddenly charged at the police officer faster than it could pull out his gun to defend itself. Before he knew it razer sharp teeth were digging into his neck and the creature crashed on top of him, thrusting him into the ground. He couldn't do anything, the creature was to strong, he was helpless as the creature ate him alive. The elegant figure of the woman appeared behind the creature as the moonlight shone on her face, revealing the face as a beautiful woman staring at the helpless police officer. The last image that he saw was her face as she petted the creature on the head as she mealy said with a soft smile on her face "Your such a messy eater..."

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Re: SoulEater-> Makkura, Miira

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~Evil Soul:||:Other Applications~

Name: Grem
Age: 25 When it was Human
Height: 6'2 When standing on legs
Weight: 190lbs

Personality: Grem as a Evil soul dosent have mutch of a personality, rather it is extremily animalistic and simple minded. It acts as the Witch Miira's pet. It was not created to have a mind of its own, rather just plainly follow orders and eat. For to his master Miira grem is mearly one experiment in order to create a Kishin.
Combat Style: Grem's fighing patten is extremily animalistic and usually its first though it to charge and try to eat the person in front of him as fast as he can.
Grem's true abilities are its physical abilities, it has a farily high amount of speed and physical strength. Its claws on its hands and legs are very sharp and as hard as any blade, with them it can cling to any surface allowing it to run up walls and walk on cealings. It also has a extremily long tounge, and a very keen sense of smell allowing it to track down people.

Not mutch is known about the face and mouth on its back for it is never seen moving or doing anything.

Grem's only other ability is its screech, it can scream at a very high frequency causing a immence amount of pain to any of its enemies.

As a human Grem's real name was Mathew Hawks, he was a factory worker within a small town in North America. He had a wife and 2 children, both of them girls, and had what some people would call a Perfect life. Though his entire life changed the day that a strange woman came walking into town, before this Mathew never thought of being with another woman, he became enchanted by her beauty and elegance. Though once she was out of sight he flet back like his normal self and went home, unkown to him was that the woman followed him home with the scent of bloodlust. That night he woke up in the middle of the night hearing some noise, he looked next to him to find his wife not there. He went into thier living room only to find the corpses of his family littered around the room, and some form of creature walking out the front door only too look back with a devil smile on its face as it dissapeared into the night sky.
The woman appeared next to him and told him that she could give him the strength to avenge his family and told him what that creature was...that it was looking for him with his family just as a little meal to hit, wanting revenge for his familys death he accepted the womans offer. She introduced herself as the Witch Miira, Mathew Hawks was never seen again. And that night instead a creature known as Grem was born.

RP Sample: The RP Sample should be an example of how you would RP the character you are applying for. The minimum is 250 words. The sample must be done in the 3rd person and in the past-tense.

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