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Tourney System

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{Tournament System}
“Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free:
Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing.
This is the ultimate.”

Tournaments are a essential part of nearly Rp forum, especially when they are based of of a combat heavy manga. They are ways in order to improve your Rp skills without the need to train in your own tread. Allow two people to go all out in a one-on-one battle who, in the plotline, may never see or even meet each other, let alone fight. It is a place for every member of the forum to see strange, unique, and random match ups; which could prove disastrous for one, and favorable to another. Though most of all it is a place where you can freely fight with the Rpers you have come to know and love without the ramifications or restrictions of the plot. Whether you see it as place to have fun, or prove your worth to your fellow Rpers is up to you.

This is by no means a set of rules, but merely a outline you can follow in order to improve the success of your Tournament.

As what many of you might have expected, the tournaments should follow by the rules of the 'Tread Master' and also use the 'Role-Play Request Template'. With the creator of the tournament itself being the TM by default, though it can obviously be shifted if wished. If you need a brush up on what a Tread Master is via "What is a Tread Master", and the template via "Role-Play Request Tread" treads explained by your local Duquin man.

Though just remember the most important thing about setting up a Tournament; make sure that it will be enjoyable for everyone. You don't have to get into all of the cracks, but if almost everyone leaves with a good felling about it give yourself a pat on the back... and maybe a treat. Also make sure that people will be both interested in it and keep their interest through the course of the tournament, there is nothing more disappointing than to get have way through a tournament and have people drop out from lack of interest.

Types of Tournaments
    1v1 Elimination: Each participant will be given a random number, which will indicate where they are placed on the bracket. Single elimination until champion is born.
    2v2 Elimination: Same as 1v1, only that participants may choose their partner, all fights will be 2v2 and therefore 2 winners.
    Battle Royal: All participants will fight in the same tread, victor is the last man standing. May have rounds with the end of one activating once X amount of participants have been taken out.
    Ladder: There are three spots (3rd, 2nd, and 1st place) with all three being granted to three random participants, all others must challenge the 3rd slot first. If they beat the 3rd place holder they can challenge the 2nd place holder or take the 3rd slot for themselves; allowing the former 3rd slot to climb the ladder as well.
    Challenge: A champion is randomly selected, all others must challenge and defeat the champion to take his place. Ends once all challengers have fought at least 1 match. If original champion falls they may challenge the new champion.

Restrictions[list]1. Rank Equalizer: In order to make fights more fair, the tread master can grant any of the participants a power rank equal to the one they are fighting for the duration of that fight; though they cannot grant them any release and/or abilities that they have not already acquired. This allows two participants to fight on more equal terms rather than it being a peacock against a nuke.

Optional Restrictions
    1. One Blade Challenge: Challenge your fighters by forcing all participants to be a low rank.
    2. Apocalypse Level-Challenge: Do you want to see everyone truly go all-out? Grant them the max rank (or other similar rank) and watch all the scenery be destroyed!
    3. No Shinny Fight: Sick of seeing people using their releases as a clutch? Well just ban then outright!
    4. Anti-Time: Want to see a set of set of quick matches? Restrict a fighters post count; by allowing only X posts though a single fight or a entire Tournament!.
    5. One-Punch Man: Challenge your fighters by only allowing them 1 attack per fight!
    6. Iron Boots: Restrict everyone to be wingless, allowing only ground based movement. Everyone knows that people cant fly... silly people. Possessing physical wings may be allowed for flight.
    7. The Ground is Lava: Let us play a game. Those that touch the ground.... die in liquid-hot-magma, Muahahaha.
    8. Points over Scratches: Want to have a tournament that promotes quality over quantity? Base the match victors on a point based system. Remember just because you won the battle, doesn't mean you won the war.
    9. Other:

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