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Character Name

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General Info

Name: Character Name
Nickname: Special names your character goes by or titles
Age: Character Age
Rank: D-rank

Guild: What guild are you apart of? If you are not apart of any particular guild put Guildless/Maverick.
Guild Mark: The color and location of your guild tattoo

What does your character look like? Feel free to add a picture but you
should also give a 150 word minimum description of your characters
appearance. Your characters clothing should also be added.
Anything out of the ordinary in your characters appearance. Scars,
tails, and cat ears, etc. all apply. If none put N/A


Personality: What does your character act like? What kind of guy or gal is he/she? This should be at least 200 words.

Likes: List your likes. You need at least 4. You do not need to explain your likes
Dislikes: Same thing as likes only their dislikes.
Hobbies: What does your character like to do? You need at least 3 and you do need to explain these briefly.
What is this character afraid of. Like hobbies you need 3 and you need
to explain them briefly. I would also like to add that 'just cause' is
not a viable reason to be afraid of something.

What drives your character? What is your characters goal. You need at
least one and it must be explained well enough to understand.

Character Background

An explanation of what has happened to your character before his story
here begins. This is expected to be at least 300 words.

If you are seeking an early C-rank, Magic council status,
Lost magic, or Slayer magic you must provide an rp sample to show you
can handle or deserve the magic. No you may not pm it to us. It’s
quality will decide if you are worthy of giving the title to. I should
add that you only get one chance on this. If we say no then that's
something your going to have to live with. Overall application quality
will also be taken into account.

Face claim: Character |
Anime/Game/Manga if not a character please place the url of your face
here. If you do not have a face claim at all, put N/A.


Name: Leech Magic
Type: Holder
Element/aspect: Magic
-Strength: 7
-Endurance: 7
-Speed: 7
-Agility: 7
-Stealth: 7
Description: Leech Magic is a strange form of holder type 'magic' which involves the user having their body inhabited and home to thousands of parasitic leeches that appear as grey tendrils woven throughout his flesh; these leeches are incredibly resilient, and can asexually reproduce and mature in moments. When cut it makes it appear that the users body is made of nothing more than them. Since they grow and mature in the users body they are attuned to his unique magic signature and therefore can react in a variety of ways. These leeches are capable of extending to great lengths, harden to the strength of metal, pierce skin or stone with ease, become receivers for his own magic, and have the ability to suck both blood and magic upon physical contact.

Strengths: Versatile
Weaknesses: If the leeches are somehow disabled, the magic is useless.


    ::Leech-Rag Body:: As the leeches inhabit every portion of their body the user is capable of using them to sew up wounds with ease, re-attach body parts, transfer blood and magic from a victim to himself or others, and even separate his body parts while retaining control. With their ability to harden it increases the users defenses, making any attack act as though it was 1-rank less, and overall it makes him incredibly resilient as he is capable of taking far more damage than any human would. When hardening outside of the users body they can even become spears or other poking weapons.

    ::Wireless Control:: As the leeches are born, live, and grow within the users body the leeches are naturally attuned to their magic and therefore can act as a sender/receiver for receiving the users magic or sending foreign magic to the user. This essentially means that they are capable of operating outside of the users body without a physical connection. Due to this they are capable of inhabiting and controlling other bodies by making it a home in the same fashion as if they were in the users body; though unlike the user the new host would have no way of controlling these and would become little more than a puppet. Though to prevent any sort of insurgency it becomes more worth while, and easier to take the bodies of the recently deceased. Since they are connected the user will always know where all of his leeches are as well as receive any wished sensual information.


Guild insignia/tattoo here

Guild motto (optional)

Guildname: August Waltz

Guildmaster: 5th: Adair Kass


    ::Adir Kass :: Guild Master
    ::Open:: Guild Ace

Guild info: Out of nearly every dark guild, the question on whether or not August Waltz even exists has been up for debate for as long as there have been guilds. In truth it has been considered to be nothing more than a myth or a scape goat for unspeakable events, perpetrators of grand heists, the unnamed assassins, or the cause of rebellions. Despite anything, it is known that what ever they are involved in changes the season of where ever they are. As those within the waltz are constantly moving, while those outside are stuck in the never changing, ever static summer.

August Waltz, at any given time, consists of no more than 9 official members as each represents one of the nine positions of the waltz of which they are named for. Due to its secrecy and obscurity it is rare for even its members to know the names and faces of all of their comrades. More so the guilds existence becomes even more blurry because they have no home, rather all members burrow their way into the homes of other guilds; both light and dark. Playing the act of the guild member until the day comes when they receive their orders.

When the guild was first founded it was originally designed to be a neutral mercenary guild who would do anything; for the right price of course. Soon they became known as one of the most notorious guilds in the lands, eventually even reaching the point of being named a dark guild after a string of high end assassinations and after the guild was nearly wiped out by the magic council; which also resulted in the death of the first guild master.

Their entrance as a true dark guild marked the first of many changes in the guilds, with the biggest change being in the 2nd guild master who sought revenge against the magic council. After nearly 20 years of assaults and assassinations, both successful and unsuccessful, the 2nd was hunted down by the council and publicly executed. With the death of the 2nd the remaining members of the guild began to see the flaws, and advantages that their predecessors showed them. With the advent of the 3rd guild master the guild became to what it would be known for the remainder of its days; a legend, myth, and a folk tale.

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