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Username: Ohm
Name: JJ Rex
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Sexuality: N/A
Place of Birth: Grey River, South Blue

Faction: Marine
    Rank: N/A - Marine Scientist (Underfunded Division)
    Ship: N/A
    Flag: N/A
Bounty: 000,000
Bounty Collected: 7,000,000

FACE CLAIM SERIES: Original Character 'Red' By 'Endling' Deviantart.
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: White-Grey

Personality: Ever since he had the ability to do... anything Rex has been far from what one call call a normal, sane, or even mentally sound person. Prone to erratic behavior and actions, which luckily tend to happen more often when he is not working or occupied by a project. Despite his erratic state of mind he is known as a ingenious mechanic and inventor; specifically in the design and construction of weapons and more so if robotic constructs, and even some cyborg on the side.

He has a very unique mind which allows him to easily see and determine how something functions from organic life to mechanical, or even how misshapen and random parts can fit together as good a new. This not only allows him to easily learn faults in his machines or discover a broken part but also allows him to easily understand how even the strangest abilities are created and their function. His erratic mind also allows him to see things in a completely different view from anyone else in his field or with the same skill set as he can think of new and unique ways to get things functioning where others think far to straightforward where he goes backwards, does a loopy loop, then kicks the other out of the way to get to the finish line.

Though he cannot be considered of the evil alignment he believes in progress, advancement, and amusement by any means necessary and if that means blowing up a few houses and civilians means taking out his target then by all means why have you not thrown that shovel bomb yet?! Strangely enough he has a keen eye for money, and has to know where every cent of any project is going. To save every beli he can he will cut corners on anything he can so that he can create bigger, better, and more worthwhile creations. If its cheap, Blow it up, make 10 more! Can't afford it? Take his and leave a turd in its place!
    Bottomless Willpower
    Slightly Insane
    Puppies and Dogs
    Giant Green Dinosaurs
    Cheap Parts
    Stuffed Animals
    Wasting Money
Dream(s): Bigger, better, and CHEAP AS FUCK!

JJ Rex was born some long time ago on a island known as Grey River, South Blue; a partially man made island made from garbage and scrap around a active volcano. For at the time when it was initially created the idea was that the lava would just melt away all of the garbage, though unfortunately for them all of the lava stayed in its streams and over 200 years the trash built up and up until there was a full sized island and a town on it. The name Grey River stemming from the endless steam rising from the lava hitting the sea water and rising up and up forming grey streams in the sky. As a trash island its primary export is refurbished scrap and trash.

Unlike the majority of other kids in the town who were forced to dig for scrap in the giant growing heaps, Rex did it on his own free will for to him nothing was better than finding a piece of junk and turning it into some working mechanical wonder. Having a knack for it he eventually started trading on his own rather than having someone else export it. As he was the only child around that enjoyed and embraced the life he was seen as a outcast and started to develop weird habits. Eventually many kids started pulling pranks on him with Den Den Mushi by hiding them in scrap piles and making it seem that a specific piece of scrap was talking to him; he eventually grew to hate the damn things as well as stuffed animals for another unspoken reason.

By chance, off of the island, one of his machines caught the eye of a marine scientist and after intense research found the creator of it to be Rex. Who was immediately offered a job in his own Marine Division and work under him. After only 1 year of working under the man he himself took over the division after a freak accident involving a gopher and a oversize boiler. Though once he himself was in charge of the small division 60% of their funding was cut after the noble the former leader had been blackmailing no longer had to pay monthly ransom.

With little to no funds he continued the divisions existence by relying on more risky and cheaper projects, saving money at every corner he could, even to the point of kicking out the majority of the staff as he was getting tired of giving them paychecks. Eventually he decided to have a chance of pace for the division where instead of relying on marine funded grants he would find his own income by capturing marine bounties. This would allow him a source of income as well as a good amount of field testing for his creations.

    Power: 3
    Agility: 4
    Handling: 7
    Soul: 0
      - Blacksmith
      - Scientist
      - Mechanic
      - Master Salvager
      - Amateur Shipwright

Fighting Style: Physically Red does not fight opponents himself, rather he relies solely upon the devices, weapons, and robotic constructs he creates to destroy and eradicate his foes. While he himself provides logistical support to his creations and emotional support to his dead foes.

Inventory: Mechanic/Blacksmith Tools.

Item Name:
Item Description:



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