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OnePiece-> Makkura Isarobi

Post by Admin on Sat 24 Jul - 20:16

[Name]: Makkura Isarobi
[Age]: 25
[Species]: Human
[Occupation]: Pirate
[Home Village/Ocean]: Arabasta, Grandline

[Ship Flag]:
[Devil Fruit]: Miira Miira no Mi [Mummy Mummy Fruit]
[Type]: Paramecia
[Effect]: The Miira Miira no Mi makes the user into a Mummy man, which allows them to create wrappings from any point on thier body and have the ability to controle and manipulate them. They are capable of becomming strong as steel and the edges sharp or pointed as any blade. The frut also gives the user and their wrappings immunity to paper/cloth attacks as well as dehydration. Asside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses the wrappings are weak against fire.
[Special Abilities]: .
[Learned Techniques]:
Devil Fruit Abilities:

[Weapon name]:

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