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Katagiri Isao

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Name: Katagiri Isao
Age: 19
Birthplace: Wano Country, Grandline
Race: Human

Occupation: Pirate, Exiled Samurai
Bounty: 3,000,000
Bounty Collected: 000
Lifegoal: To be allowed to Return Home.

Character Description: Isao is a blind swordsmen that hails from Wano Country, and as what one would expect from a samurai or at least a swordsmen from Wano Country, Isao wears traditional garments that makes it more than obvious the country he hails from and what profession he takes part in; which in retrospect makes him appear very stereotypical to those outside of his homeland. He wears various layers of clothing both under and over his traditional samurai garnets, though all of them are ether a white or gray color. Overall he stands at about 6ft tall on the dot, hailing jet black hair that is long but appears short due to his top-knot. For footwear, he wears simple geta sandals and is seen on various occasions wearing a straw kasa hat.

Personality: Isao seemingly follows the code of Bushido, or in other words having honor unto death, which makes him incredibly prideful and stubborn. Tending to refuse help from anyone or any source as he believes that one must make their own way in life and tend to look down on those who are unwilling to fight on their own two feet. Even more so due to his blindness as he dislikes the idea of people taking pity on him due to it; especially considering that he could slice down most of them before they even saw him draw his sword. Though this does not apply to beautiful women, and how he is able to determine a woman's look being blind is up for debate. Countless times people tend to forget that he is in fact blind due to his own skill as a swordsmen and his ability to still 'see' what is around him.

Being what some people would refer to as a 'Shut-in-Samurai' Isao seems to be completely ignorant or at least oblivious to what people consider normal within the 'Modern' world; such as money, modern technology, or even devil fruits. Not understanding the idea of money even more so due to his blindness and if it comes down to him paying for something he tends to overpay as he does not even know that there are pictures or numbers on the paper he gives people.

Despite his honor it eventually becomes apparent that he is quite perverted as he will often use his blindness in order to perform many acts or go to places that men would normally never attempt and due to his blindness he normally gets away with it. Making some people wonder if he is really blind or not. Though his own pride and stubbornness generally makes him weary of accepting help if in the event that someone does help him, or if he causes someone else trouble he will do anything within his power to repay this dept. Which, no matter how honorable or noble this may seem, makes it very easy to take advantage of and has so on numerous of occasions. Within the modern world this tends to result in him being used for his sword skills, fighting for the most low life scum in order to repay a dept, which in most cases never existed in the first place.

In battle he is capable of keeping a incredibly calm mind, and therefore notice everything around him and allow him to think ahead of his opponent. His experience and training makes him near fearless in the face of both combat and death, though strangely he no longer accepts death (as well as Seppuku) as he did when he was younger.

Character's Bio: Isao hails from Wano Country of the GrandLine, otherwise known as the home of the Samurai. As such the majority of his early life was spend learning the tenants of Bushido and training to become a both powerful and honorable warrior. His father, what one would expect, was a powerful and influential samurai within their own clan and as such had high expectations for his only son. Setting a high bar for him to eventually reach, and over the years pushing him further and further to perfect his own abilities.

During the week of his eighteenth year he, along with the rest of the warriors within his clan and village, engaged in a battle with a rival clan and through a set of unsaid circumstances resulted in the clans loss of the battle with Isao being the cause of their defeat. After the battle was finished Isao was about to preform the only way to retrieve his lost honor; Seppuku. But rather than taking his own life with his blade Isao refused to do so and as such was stripped of what remaining honor and name he had within the country and exiled him. Only being able to return once he had regained his honor.

As he was no longer welcome within his home country he was put on a small boat and set adrift, where surviving would be up to him, and after nearly 3 weeks of being adrift with nothing more than moldy bread and rain water Isao was eventually shipwrecked on a island in one of the blues; somehow passing through the calm belt without being killed or his boat destroyed by sea kings.

Luckily enough the island he set shore on happened to have a Island, and even a marine base. With fresh food and water in sight he nearly ran, if he had the energy to do so, to the nearest restaurant. After a full course meal of various foods and drinks he had never tasted or even heard of before he was presented with a bill, though as he never required money he had not idea what it was they were asking for. The waiter, and eventually the restaurant owner, thought that he was playing around at first and eventually thought that he was skipping out on the bill. But before the marines could be called to arrest him another patron of the bar saw the man's sword, attire, and speech and knew immediate that he was a samurai.

Seeing a golden opportunity he offered to pay for Isao's meal in return for doing him a 'favor' which Isao gracefully accepted, even though he still had no idea what those paper notes were. The man who payed for his meal told Isao that to repay him all he had to do was stand in front of a building a prevent anyone to enter it while he was inside. Isao, being somewhat ignorant, graciously accepted the man's offer and did as he said. Though unknown to him was that the building he was guarding was a bank, the countless men that he had taken down were marines, and the man he was now accomplice to was a infamous thief. Who took Isao to the next island with him, and again Isao told him that he would do what ever he could to re-pay his kindness. Which again the thief would graciously agree to a golden opportunity.

Over the next year and a half countless other similar events would transpire, resulting in Isao unknowingly gaining a bounty and slowly becoming more and more infamous in the blues. More so he slowly became known as one who could be easily taken advantage of without Isao even realizing it. Taking part in crimes spanning from vandalism, armed robbery, kidnapping, and countless others.

Strength: Average
Speed: Average
Resilience: Average
Dexterity: Proficient

Skills: As a follower of Bushido, and hailing from Wano Country, Isao is a proficient swordsmen with incredible natural reflexes and warrior instincts; being able to utilize a one or two sword style, hand-to-hand, a capable archer, and a practitioner of Iaijutsu. He utilizes a strange skill known as 'Kiku' or otherwise refereed to as 'The Art of Listening', a technique he himself created over many years to allow himself to 'see' his surroundings, which allows him to feel the smallest changes in the air around him. Allowing him to 'see' movements around him, and in a way predict movements a minute moment before others who see with their eyes can. This technique also revolves around Isao's ability to 'hear' the voice of all things around him. Which allows him to 'hear' truth of the things around him, which in combat is incredibly powerful as he is capable of easily becoming aware of weak points in attacks both elemental and physical; allowing him read and counter them with ease. Outside of himself, if anyone else attempted or learned this ability would require them to be in a constant meditative state to utilize effectively though with the lack of sight and his environment he naturally created this over many years and therefore it makes all the more sense why he is the only practitioner. This ability to hear the truth in the things around him allows him to read Poneglyph's, though this is something that Isao himself is completely unaware of as he has never seen nor even heard of one.
Battle Techniques:
Inventory: 1x Katana, Wakizashi, Yumi (Japanese Long Bow). ?x Arrows.
Devil Fruit: N/A


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