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Isao Arakaki

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Basic Information
Profile Name: Wander
Character Name: Arakaki Isao
Alias: The Ebon Wither
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185lbs
    When he was younger, Isao was kind and eager ninja with a strong desire to prove himself to both himself and his teammates. Though as a adult he is a calm and collected realist who does not allow his emotions to surface, takes things and people for what they are; despising both weakness and indecisiveness. A remnant of his younger self Isao takes great pride in his abilities though is far to calm and collected to be angered by them being demeaned. Like many others within Issai he feels a great deal of loyalty to the village, and places its well-being above all else. Though he is generally considered a shady, blood / power hungry, and untrustworthy individual. In the eyes of many higher ranked members of Issai, most without a doubt, realize the role he plays in keeping the village safe.
Basic Info Continued
Village: Issaigakure, Former Iwagakure
Rank: Kounin
Clan: N/A
    Kunai, shuriken,
    Giant Folding Fan.
    'Ebon Cloth': Black bandages that are created from a special type of cloth which are capable of holding a large amount of chakra, and while so acting as a armor from physical and elemental attacks.
Nature Transformation(s): Jinton, Katon, Fūton, and Doton
Fighting Style:
    Isao is one of the few people capable of using a kekkei tōta, an advanced and extremely powerful form of kekkei genkai. In particular, he possesses the Jinton (Lit. Dust Release), which allows him to combine the fire, earth and wind natures to reduce his targets to nothing more than mere dust, destroying them down to even a molecular level. Along side with his Jinton Isao is capable of using its respective elements of fire, wind, and earth making his own ninjutsu usage extremely versatile and flexible.

    When not using his Jinton he is most usually seen using Katon with great skill, and even wields what one would refer to as a advanced element referred to as 'Sear Release'. Which is nothing more than extreme heat which produces clear flames. This self created technique, when released, is capable of taking out all of the moisture from the air and causing plants and people to wither from dehydration. When combined with his skill with Fūton and Doton he can create blazing dust storms that are capable of transforming lush plains into desolate wastes, heating up metal to searing temperatures, and eroding structures. When combined with his Giant Folding Fan his attacks become even more devastating.

    Isao is also a skilled sensor-type shinobi displaying the ability to sense chakra over a distance of several kilometers, as well as being able to discern key details of ones chakra such as elemental types, build up, or how much they possess. Furthermore, when these detection capabilities are employed in conjunction with his quick reflexes, he can avoid techniques that even other Kounin would find difficult to evade.

    The most iconic thing about his look, the black wrappings that layer his entire body, are not just for show, rather they were originally to cover his burn scarred body. Rather they are made of a rare cloth which has the ability to hold extremely large amounts of chakra. Allowing Isao to store large amounts of excess chakra from himself that can then be used in future battles, most prominently used to fuel his ninjutsu. While it possesses chakra it even acts as a layer of armor capable of blocking both physical and elemental attacks.

    In terms of physical combat Isao is a very adept taijutsu fighter, possessing notable physical strength, great speed, and remarkable reflexes that is noted to be on par with many Specialists. When combined with his own nature transformations, as well as his abnormally large chakra pool he can easily outclass most with ease. Capable of creating multiple types of 'Elemental Armors' which are capable of greatly increasing his speed, strength, and physical damage.

    Though having little to no skill within the field of Genjutsu himself he is more than adept in his ability to discover, distinguish, and dispel high level illusions. To prevent himself from falling for such cheap tricks, against such opponents, he will instead rely on other generally underused senses.

Character Stats
Level: 80
Stamina: 20
Speed: 20
Strength: 20
Intelligence: 20
Chakra Control: 20

    Isao, though a prominent member of Issaigakure, originally hails from the village of Iwagakure; a village where his roots still to this day run deep. As a child he could of been considered like any other. Ambitious, kind, excited, and full of child like wonder at the idea of being a powerful ninja. During these days he possessed a complete different mindset and outlook on life where in those days he was more caring, sought out the safety of friends, and eager to prove himself to both his his female teammates as well as the village. Though with his brush with death during his own chunin exams his outlook and viewpoint towards life and the world changed to what it is today.

    Like any other genin Isao was eager to compete within the chunin exams so that he could begin the path towards becoming a powerful jounin for the village. During the second, or rather known as the survival portion, of the exams Isao and his teammates were doing rather well against the other teams. Having easily acquired the second half of their acquired items during the second day they made their way towards the finish point where they would eventually encounter those who went ahead to set traps for those behind. Unlucky enough for Isao and his team they happened to fall within the traps of one of the other village's team, and after a costly battle Isao and his team exited victorious; though to Isao the victory seemed to easy. To show them a lesson one of Isao's teammates took both of the other team's scrolls to lessen the competition in the last exam.

    Though just as they were leaving Isao would be the last to look at the defeated team, only to see that the defeated team was not in a depression but rather had a dark and victorious look on their face. In a instant he realized what had just transpired. He quickly grabbed the two scrolls that his teammate and ran as far away from the rest of his team as he could, though before he could take more than a few steps both of the scrolls became set off in a torrent of light and fire, engulfing everything and anyone nearby. Once the smoke had cleared the two teammates could see nothing but the charred remains of their teammate. With the thought that they might actually die in this exam they both easily lost their will to fight as the strongest member of their team was nothing but charcoal.

    The opposing team took their time taking what remained of their will and dignity, leaving the group with little more than the clothes on their backs and some worthless medical supplies. Seeing that they now had no chance of beating the exams they decided to give up right then and there, and since there was the chance they would become targets for another group they could not even bury the remains of their fallen comrade. Though just as they were about to leave the area one of them could hear the sound of something moving behind her, though it was not just the sound of footsteps in the grass as there was also the sound of crinkling flesh and dripping blood. Behind the two Isao, who had been dead, had revived and even within his state was standing on his own two feet as pieces of charred flesh fell off of his body. Rather than ask for medical treatment he demanded that the two use what remained of their medical bandages to wrap his body.

    Once bandaged up he told his teammates to follow so they could acquire another set of scrolls, and before they knew it they would come across another team from the same village that had nearly killed him and his team mates. With no mercy or remorse his team mates would see nothing but their comrade standing over the corpses of two genin. His teammates could only watch as Isao dispatched the finial genin who had surrendered long ago. Leaving with both of the required scrolls and a bandaged covered boy drenched with the blood of himself and his opponents. When the team finally reached the finish line their sensei could not even recognize Isao, the kind boy was now long gone and replaced with... something else. More so even his sensei could not even see how the boy was still alive, let alone still able to fight.

    What some would see as cruel fate for Isao this was yet another Chunin exams which would hold a Preliminary round to lessen the large number of genin present. After 3 fights between other genin Isao was randomly chosen to fight against the very same genin who had laid the scroll trap, though was not the leader who had plotted it. Before Isao's opponent even knew what had transpired Isao would be right on top of him bombarding him with carefully aimed blows enhanced with slicing wind chakra, and before the referee was even able to end the fight Isao left behind nothing more than a mangled corpse in the ring.

    With him passing the preliminaries Isao continued to train in a different way from that day, becoming far more deadly and accurate with his strikes and techniques. During this month of training Isao was approached by a member of 'Crux' a sub branch of Iwagakures military forces who specialized in smaller yet far more elite forces. Seeing the potential in the new Isao he decided to recruit, train, and set him off in the finial exam to see how he fared and grew in such a short time. To his liking Isao defeated every opponent he was faced off with little to no trouble, though most of all Isao showed no remorse and was fare more deadly and accurate than he expected. With his test completed Isao became a full recruit of Crux and left the normal Ninja world for the next 10 years.

    Over the years Isao traveled all of the ninja world on countless missions ranging from shady diplomatic relations, assassinations, sabotage, and numerous other acts that are normally kept within the shadows of the world. Though around 15 years ago a event transpired within Iwagakure, a event that would be later refereed to as a failed coup, that resulted in the disbanding of Crux and the attempted execution of all of its members. Seeing that there was nothing left for him in Iwa he took his leave; eventually meeting up and joining with a group of refugees from various villages lead by the man who would eventually be known as the Issaigake Katori.

    Over the next 15 years Isao would become a generally unseen prominent member of Issaigakure, unnoticed by most due to his tactics and style, and because of the secrete nature he is used to. Around 3 years after the formation of the village Isao reformed 'Crux' under the Issai name, personally taking on the responsibilities that lied within the underbelly of ninja society, and protecting his village in his own way.

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