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Name: Juri Han
Age: 19
Birthplace: Musky Swan Island, North Blue
Race: Human

Occupation: Pirate
Bounty: 5,000,000
Bounty Collected: 000


Character Description: Juri's appearance is that of a slim young woman of average height distinguished by her Eastern look: her long, straight and copper hair. While in the mood she can be seen with her hair tied into a pair of bun-shaped loops at both sides of her head. Her outfit is separated into two pieces. The top portion being a dark red color with high, tight collar. While it itself is armless she wears a pair of shoulder-length ornamental, fingerless gloves with a plated backside stretching to her forearm. The lower portion appears to be similar to a loose kimono with the hem falling to her ankles. Her outfit is completed with a pair of dark boots reaching up to her middle calves. Though the most distinctive part of her appearance is her eyes, having a penetrating and somewhat ominous look.
Personality: Overall Juri tends to be a very easygoing, tomboyish, playful, stubborn, short-tempered and sometimes hyperactive depending on the situation. She is well known for her bloodthirsty and slightly sadistic side, and is generally not seen as the most sympathetic of people, which comes as little to no surprise to those that know her. Tending to be very strict, demanding, and blunt person. Her sadistic side generally surfaces during battle or while anticipating one. Having little to no problem taking advantage of anything she can in order to gain the upper hand, even striking constrained or down targets. Rarely, if ever, showing any remorse for anything she does.

Unlike many who live regretting or revering the past and future Juri is far from one of those. Rather her attitude stays within the present, focusing on what she is doing at this moment rather than something she did wrong or something that may happen in the near future. As such she hates any form of extensive planning, and even more so those who make them. Making her someone who tries to go with the flow of things and see where it takes her.

As what one would expect of the holder of the Awa Awa no Mi Juri is well known as a bit of a clean freak, though she does not fear it, she simply despises it. Usually seen using her devil fruit powers to quickly clean off anything she will be in contact with. Her own quarters, or her portion of a room, tends to be the most organized and cleanliness portion of a entire ship. Having no issues in using her power to punish crewmates. This side of her tends to make her nickname her opponents 'Filthy Mongrels' or something with the phrase filthy in it.
Character's Bio:

Strength: Average
Speed: Proficient
Resilience: Average
Dexterity: Average

Battle Techniques:
[Devil Fruit] Despite the simple fact that her power grants her control over soap and bubbles she is rarely seen using the soap portion within battles themselves. Rather she has taken a liking to the idea of bubble control over cleaning soap for fights. This allows her to gain her own Awa Awa style while retaining its initial 'cleaning' properties.
  • Bubble Bubble Bud: Juri will create a bubble, of various sizes from coin sized to 1m in diameter, from the palm of her hand and use it one of two ways. By using it to block a incoming attack the bubble is capable of bending from its normal spherical shape with the force of the incoming attack, allowing it to absorb and stop its force; then the bubble will proceed to 'pop', forcing all of the contained pressure onto the target and causing concussive damage as well as spreading soap onto the target. With the second way Juri will instead launch the bubble from her palm, creating a bullet paced projectile which causes damage both from the impact and 'popping' concussive damage.
  • Bubble Bubble Shed: Juri will shed a layer of 'bubble' from every corner of her body which will quickly expand and become its normal spherical shape around her body, with her as the center. As with her other Awa Bubble techniques this bubble is capable of becoming as hard as iron, making it very difficult to breach, and as it circles her entire body it grants her 360* degree protection. With further control she is capable of flight, at a slow hovering rate, granting her even more defense against ground bounded targets.
  • Awa Bottomless Buffet: Juri will release a small bubble into the air around her, once released the bubble will begin to suck in the surrounding gasses, light objects, and even elements; causing it to grow in size and pressure as well as causing a slight pulling force to anything nearby. Once it reaches a maximum size it will proceed to pop cause any nearby targets a large amount of damage; even more depending on what was sucked within.
  • Awa Cage Bubble: By manipulating her bubbles property of trapping things within them Juri will create a various sized bubble. Once created it is capable of trapping what ever it comes into contact within itself. This becomes easier due to the bubbles property of allowing things to pass into it unhindered though then preventing them from exiting; essentially making it a 'one way' bubble. Allowing the user to hinder limbs, weapons or entire bodies by preventing the bubble (and anything within) from moving.
  • Budding Bubble World: By injecting the earth, or even water (assuming she is not entirely within) with her soap she is capable of forcing bubbles to spawn from the ground in the surrounding area then freely controlling them; similar to how bubbles are created on the Sabaody Archipelago. Unlike her other bubbles these do not posses a hardened shell, rather they pop rather easily on contact and cause damage to their surroundings and essentially creating a floating mine field. As the creator Juri is capable of stepping and riding on these bubbles without harm, even able to reinforce any bubble she stands on so it can not pop easily.
  • Bubble Wash: Using her powers Juri will spread her soap bubbles onto a target though physical contact, allowing her bubbles to 'clean' off their strength. If the target receives enough soap it can render them completely immobile as well as squeaky clean!
Devil Fruit: Awa Awa no Mi

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