Kamamoto Hisaki

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Kamamoto Hisaki

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Name: Kamamoto Hisaki
Age: 24
Birthplace: North-Spark Island
Race: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Inventor, Botanist
Bounty Collected: 34,000,000
Allegiance: N/A
Life-goal: To become the richest man alive

Character Description:
Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Hisaki is generally a greedy, miserly individual who arranges goals in terms of the highest profit he can gain from them, and is often unwilling to involve himself in something if there was nothing to gain from it. Claiming that he tends to forget opponents who were not worth any money after he is done with them. He even remarked that money is the only dependable thing in the world. Hating doing anything that he would deem pointless or a waste of time such as rituals, morality, manners or nearly anything that does not end with him getting payed.

    Tending to be rather violent and prone to outbursts of rage, which normally involve him killing someone even if the job entitles keeping the target alive. Which is why he tends to like marine bounties due to its cut and dry 'Dead or Alive' system of bounty hunting. Tending to be cautious when it comes to battle and is not one to mindlessly rush into battle unlike many marines and pirates. Surprisingly not the arrogant type as he will measure his targets abilities before a fight though research and observations.

    Strangely enough he is actually quite the honorable person, when it comes down to money, and being rather apathetic to anything that falls outside of his own personal code. Meaning that anyone that gets in his way is expendable. This tends to get him in trouble with many marines due to the collateral damage he tends to cause with his hunting methods.

    The only thing he seems to care about outside of profit is his sister and a few select members of his family, even if he is willing to put her in harms way in order to achieve a certain goal; as he knows that it generally will not kill her.
Character's Bio:

Strength: Average
Speed: Proficient
Resilience: Average
Dexterity: Average

Battle Techniques:

Devil Fruit:

Devil Fruit Name: Kanou Kanou no Mi ('Possible Possible Fruit')
Type: Paramecia
Abilities of the fruit The Kanou Kanou no Mi is a Paramecia type devil fruit that grants the user the ability to manifest the possible future of any item they touch. Essentially allowing the user to create copies of the said item and control them as if they themselves were holding it and manipulating it. But is limited to objects they could physically move
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