Morgan "BoomHower" Howl

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Morgan "BoomHower" Howl

Post by Admin on Fri 19 Oct - 19:27

Name: Morgan "BoomHower" Howl
Age: 18
Birthplace: Grandline, Akia Kingdom
Race: Human
Crew: Howl Pirates

Occupation: Fighter
Bounty: 5,000,000
Bounty Collected:
Allegiance: Pirate
Lifegoal: To find the ultimate Rival

Character Description:
    Howl is first and foremost known for his fun-loving aggressive attitude towards the world as he is more than well prone to violence and comical outbursts. Usually showed a cool, and relaxed attitude, never losing his smirk even while fighting an intense battle. Or rather a intense battle is what makes his smirk bigger as he thoroughly enjoys every aspect of fighting to his core, though grows bored rather quickly when up against a inexperienced or weak enemy. Even to the point of walking out on more than a few fights due to simple boredom.

    Partially due to his devil fruit Howl is one of those who just cannot sit still for long and always has to be doing something in order to keep himself occupied, where fighting is the best way to do that. This uneasiness reaches its peak while on a ship in the middle of ocean as there are rarely ever any encounters in the middle of the ocean. Once he reaches or gets close enough to a island his first reaction is to find the strongest fighter there and see if they will become his rival or just simply beat the crap out of them.

    He is considered very dangerous due to his knack for picking fights with anyone he meets and more so that he is more than well prone to cause large scale collateral damage on any island he fights on. Not caring one bit if anyone gets in the way of his fights, or rather he will go out of his way to make sure that no one interferes. Believing that all fights should be one-on-one and if anyone tries to interfere with that, even his own crew, he is more than willing to blowing them sky high so he can get back to his fight.

    Competition is a daily part of his life, seeing everything as a test of who is the best; even the most mediocre of things such as eating, smoking, or even who can carry the most. His competitiveness even comes to the point of being pure childish. It even stems into his entire goal in life; to find the greatest rival. Thinking that once he finds a good one will push him harder than he could imagine to become stronger. But his love of fighting tends to make him decimate any would-be-rivals before their prime, and essentially go through them like clockwork. On the upside his competitiveness also gives him a strong sense of honor such as he will never interfere with anothers fight, always fighting one on one, even allowing his enemies the chance to heal up in order to gain a better fight. Though if he loses a fight he can mope around a bit but will never blame or hold any grudge against his opponent.
Character's Bio:
    Born in the Akia Kingdom, Grandline; a place known for its survival of the fittest moddo as the king was not a inheritor from a long dead relative rather the King of Akia was who ever was the strongest and who was able to earn the respect of the strongest fighters. Meaning that from the moment he was born he grew a deep seeded love of fighting simply from the environment and people around him. Because of the nature of the island he along with nearly every other child grew up on the streets, which was not considered horrible rather it was considered a right of passage as those children that were able to survive on their own through childhood were only the strongest. Those that were not strong ether died of starvation or by being killed by another child, and Howl enjoyed every moment of it.

    Early on Howl was somehow able to get his hands on a Devil Fruit, whether by accident or the idea that he stole it is completely unknown. Rather the point of it was that it gave him the boost he need to make his mark in the kingdom and soon became one of the strongest fighters of his age. The other strongest child of his age was his own very rival, who was one since a very early age and each was on on near par with one another until the day that Howl's own skill simply grew to far and killed him. But rather than being saddened by the loss he took it as a indicator that it was time for him to leave the island to find even better fighters to tackle.

    Taking the first chance he had to leave on a boat to another nearby trading island. It was on this boat ride that he learned of his uneasiness for long sea travel as by the end of it he was ready to just go berserk and blow it up himself. But lucky enough for every one else on the boat they arrived at their destination before Howl lost it. Once the boat landed he took his chance and sought out the strongest fighter in the town who happened to be a marine captain on patrol.

    As soon as he saw the captain he knew that he was one of the strongest in the village and called him out, the marine laughing at the unnamed fighter that stood before him. Lucky enough he was also one who enjoyed a good fight and accepted the challenge. But unlucky for him Howl easily already outclassed the marine and dispatched him easily while causing considerable damage to the surrounding buildings and people. The other marines did not take the captains loss lightly and attempted to capture Howl but were again easily dispatched. This incident giving Howl his first bounty of 5 Million and a name; BoomHower.
Strength: Average
Speed: Average
Resilience: Average
Dexterity: Proficient

Skills: Howl is a close to mid-range fighter at heart as he is more than able to hold his own even overwhelm a opponent with just hand-to-hand combat and even possessing the experience to match it. Being just as able to fight a opponent with just his hands as he is with his legs. Having a uncanny six sense especially when guessing a opponents strength level or where the strongest foes will be, though this is overlooked by his lack of a 7th sense; a sense of direction.

He tends to fight with only his legs with his hands in his pockets then use jumps, agility with multiple quick high and low kicks to fight enemies, only using his hands for only those he needs to while using his devil fruit abilities to ether augment his physical attacks with both the dry hits or releasing explosive energy on impact. Otherwise he will purely use his DF abilities to completely overwhelm targets with pure explosions in close range or energy based projectiles that explode on contact for mid range.
Battle Techniques:
    Dragon Roar: Howl releases just enough energy from his body to create a shock-wave around his body that is capable of deflecting bullets, swords, and staggering enemies with no actual damage.
    BoomJump: Howl releases energy at the bottom of his feet causing a localized explosion but also launching him forward as a crude, slower form of high speed movement and even to jump mid-air.

Devil Fruit: Go Go no Mi

Devil Fruit Name: Go Go no Mi('Go Go Fruit')
Type: Logai
Abilities of the fruit The Go Go no Mi is a Logai type devil fruit that grants the user the ability to create, manipulate, and turn into pure energy at will; turning the user into a 'Energy Man'. The term 'Go Go' comes from the fact energetic people are always on the go, hence 'Go Go'. The user of this fruit will obtain a unnaturally high amount of stamina as their entire body is made of energy, and more so able to use it to temporary increase their physical abilities. But if the users own physical body is unable to cope with it they run the risk of injuring themselves as much as a opponent. Though possibly the greatest destructive power of the fruit stems from the fact that when it is released from the users body it rapidly expands and causing damage to anything caught within it; in other words it becomes pure explosive energy while granting the user an immunity or high resistance to energy based attacks.
Mastery levels
Beginner: The user obtains a unnaturally high stamina pool, capable of creating and releasing explosions from their body as well as being able to temporally augment their physical abilities.
Advanced: The users stamina pool increases even further, capable of augmenting their physical abilities to superhuman levels, and able to release even more deadly explosive attacks.
Mastery: Stamina no longer concerns the user as it becomes near unlimited as generally the only to bring them down becomes through physical injury alone as just merely outlasting them becomes near impossible. Gaining the ability to truly become a energy man as they can now completely turn their body into energy. The users ability to augment their physical abilities increases even further to the point that it barley even comes temporarily. Their explosive power reaches its pinnacle as they are capable of completely destroying islands or at least a part of one.

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Re: Morgan "BoomHower" Howl

Post by Admin on Tue 4 Jun - 20:13

Username: Ohm
Name: Morgan Howl
Nickname: 'Boom' Howl
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Sexuality: Homosexual
Place of Birth: Grey River, South Blue

Faction: Marine
    Division: Marine Hunter
    Rank: Recruit
    Ship: N/A
    Flag: N/A
Bounty: 000,000
Bounty Collected: 1,000,000

FACE CLAIM SERIES: Original Character
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Black
Physical: At first glance Howl seems to take on the appearance of a average delinquent. Wearing a signature fur-lined dark grey hoodie with white fur lining the openings. Though the jacket itself appears to be rather heavy is is in fact very light and adapts well to both cold and warmer climates. He also wears a average pear of ragged blue jeans that had seen their better days and a pair of brown sandals. Outside of clothing he is nearly always seen with a cigarette in his mouth and usually has at least 3-4 packs on him at all times.

Physically he appears to be fairly average. Standing at around 5'8" and somewhere around 150lbs. Having jet black hair that is constantly covering his eyes though he no problems seeing perfectly though it, which also covers his light blue eyes. His body tends to be on the lean side though is obviously well toned once it is taken from under the covers of his jacket.

Personality: Howl is first and foremost known for his fun-loving aggressive attitude towards the world as he is very prone to violence and aggressive behavior. The majority of his aggressive behavior stems from his deep seeded love for fighting, violence, and death. Resulting in him rarely ever losing his smirk even in a intense battle, or rather one could say that it is those intense battles that make it bigger as he enjoys every aspect of fighting to his core. This tends to make him have rather high, and unrealistic expectations for his opponents which results in him getting bored fighting those who fall under his standards or are just weak in general. Even to the point of walking out on more than his fare share of fights due to simple boredom or expectations not being met.

Partially due to his own natural skills one of his favorite pastimes is the simple act of the hunt. Finding worthwhile prey, tracking them down over the course of a extended period of time, and then finally taking them down like the animal they are. Which is the primary reason why he chose the occupations as a bounty hunter as he essentially gets paid for what he loves to do. Strangely enough, considering his other more aggressive traits, this makes him have a great deal of patience.






    Power: 4
    Agility: 7
    Handling: 3
      - Enhanced Senses: Though intense training and a natural rare ability Howl has a sense of smell even greater than that of most hounds. Allowing him to track via smells over vast distances and distinguish and discern individuals through their unique smell. Along with his nose his ears are far greater than most animals. Capable of following and seeing movement though sound alone in a manner similar to sonar. He is capable of hearing over large distances and able to discern the smallest details from anything he hears.

    Soul: 0

Fighting Style: Howls highly unorthodox fighting style is one that was developed by himself - taking bits and pieces from all forms of martial arts and making up the rest on the go as he fights his opponents; making him a force to be reckoned with. Overall his style tends to be very random and unpredictable with over feeling of a berserker where he simply overwhelms his opponents in overwhelming force so they have little to no chance to defend. This becomes more apparent when combined with the deadly effects of his Devil Fruit.


Item Name:
Item Description:


Name: Bomu Bomu no Mi (Lit 'Boom Boom Fruit')
Type: Paramecia
Description: The Bomu Bomu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which grants the user the ability to turn any part of their body into a explosion, whether it be a arm, hair, mucus, or dandruff. Or anything they touch with their hands into a explosive. As well as making them immune to any form of explosion; making the user a Bomb Man.

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