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Basic Information
Profile Name: Wander
Character Name: Hisaki Ao
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165lbs
    Despite being a born and breed member of the ANBU Ao tends to act in a very laid-back and unworried manner as though little bothers or worries him. But in reality he takes most things very seriously and thinks things through as apparent in the way he actually fights. Using his apparently laid back and worried free attitude to throw opponents off. He tends to act in a apathetic way and being very blunt about sensitive topics as he would rather get straight to the point rather than beat around the bush. Having a solitary and matter-of-fact attitude.

    He is fairly well known within the ANBU for his his insightful, and calculating nature. His instincts also allow him to calmly effectively perceive and react to any incoming danger as he shows unsurpassed perceptive and analytical skills. Using them in order to deduce the workings of enemy techniques and then use successful diversions in order to verify. Where his naturally calm attitude allows him to keep his calm even in the most stressful of situations.

    One thing that is loved by his superiors though is that is is a workaholic, as he takes being a ANBU extremely seriously and thinks that no matter what he is always on the job. As such just about no one has ever seen his face aside from those that have known him since childhood, and those are few. It has even come to the point that his superiors don't even both trying to give him time off as he will find a way to work on it anyways.

    The types of missions he is normally given (assassination and missing-nin tracking/capture) makes him both someone who is very aware of their surroundings but also someone who is very detached from them. Being rather suspicious of everyone and everything, as if everything is a potential enemy. Which is very advantageous for being a ANBU but a disadvantage for anything outside of the battlefield combat.

Basic Info Continued
Rank: ANBU (Jounin)
Clan: N/A
Weapon(s): Kunai, shuriken, exploding tags, katana, wire, various poisons, and smoke/flash bombs.
Nature Transformation(s): Earth, Lighting
Fighting Style:
    As a member of the Issai and Konoha ANBU Ao is adept in a wide variety of techniques ranging from taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu as all are nearly required in order to both become and be an effective ANBU. In terms of physical abilities he is far more agile and swift than strong and use both heavily in his taijutsu and kenjutsu. Tending to use more dodges, evasions, and parries rather than straight forward combat as well as being able to infuse nature transformations into his weapons to increase their range and lethality. Even relying on the usage of various poisons to slow down or even kill a target.

    He is very adept in the usage of the rarely seen sound jutsu as he uses it in the three main trees (Tai, Nin, Gen) in a variety of ways. This also means that his hearing is very attuned as it is required to hear and use these frequencies effectively. Using it in ninjutsu as a passive sonar as well as to directly attack opponents through hearing; normally used to off-balance an opponent or interrupt active/casting jutsus though the opponents chakra control. Able to induce genjutsu through sound, and even use it increase the sharpness of his blades through vibrations. He is even able to create or 'erase' sounds in the area, allowing him to deceive opponents and grant him a higher stealth ability.

    He has a raven familiar that acts as both a scout and tracker for him as he obtained a ninjutsu/fuuinjutsu technique early on that grants him a shared sight with him. Allowing him to see through his familiars eyes as they were a second pair. Even more so that his familiar is a rare breed that has the ability to see chakra, thus granting Ao a higher insight to genjutsu's cast upon himself along with other obvious advantages.

    As noted earlier he is beginning to dive in the usage of fuuinjutsu both in and out of combat, though would only be considered an adept in its usage. Even less so in terms of actual combat usage unless it is something that was created out of battle and requires no upkeep. Though is main goal in fuuinjutsu is to be able to use seals to paralyze a opponent.

    Overall he uses his speed, agility, and taijutsu skills in order to evade, parry, and completely outmaneuver a opponent while using a heavy implementation of ninjutsu and some genjutsu to take down a target. Though tending to act in a very reactive manner as he is a very patient fighter, willing to wait how ever long it requires in order to take down a target. Using a wide variety of tricks and traps in order to win. Tending to act more as an hunter or assassin in terms of the types of missions he is very well versed and skilled in. Some have attributed that the reason why he is so successful in combat is due to the fact that he avoids direct combat by using misdirection and clones until he can determine the opponent's skills, at which point he modifies his tactics to fit the situation.
Character Stats
Level: 60
Stamina: 13
Speed: 12
Strength: 8
Intelligence: 15
Chakra Control: 12

    Similar to numerous ninja of Issaigakure Ao was yet another who immigrated from another village, and in his case Konohagakure though for what reasons he never stated. Born in the village of the hidden leaf to no apparent mother or father he was immediately taken in by a secretive group of ninja within the Konoha government similar to ANBU and Root who believed that in order to fend against the village's enemies they needed to work in the shadows. To do this they took orphans off of the street and trained them from incredibly young ages with techniques and styles that were designed to strip away emotion and anything left of their past life to create a better ninja. More so that the leader of the program knew that during times of peace the wars moved from the battlefield to the shadows. It was during this time that Many of the techniques used forbidden for a good reason. The only thing that he ever did as a child was two things; train and obey, and he was one who learned quickly within the program.

    When his superiors thought he was prepared enough they began to send him on missions, usually acting as a spy or following targets on the island as people tended to be less suspicious of children than adults. Many of these targets were members of the Konoha government itself, but his worry was not why he was following them rather it was were they were going and whom they were meeting. His first real mission came before his 10th year after his superiors became impressed with his work and progress and told him that he now had to quietly eliminate one of the targets he had been following. He followed his orders to the letter.

    Several years later he had been through more life and death experiences than many ninja in their 20's. It was also around this time that his superiors gave him a new mission, one where he would join a gennin team in order to watch the Sensei; a Jounin that his program was growing suspicious of. Where within the team he would have to purposely hide his skill in order to not arouse suspicion from his new Sensei, though even he could not hide his honed reflexes. But for one reason or another the Sensei never made it apparent that he suspected anything.

    At the age of 13 he along with the rest of his team were recommended to join in the Chunin exams in Amegakure; a event that his superiors wanted to take full advantage of as it was not often that they were given this good of a opportunity. It was during these exams that something had changed in him as normally he did not think twice to put his team into harms way to complete a mission though during the second test he revealed the full extent of his skills in order to save himself and the rest of his team from Ame team as he somehow felt the needed to protect his team mates. Afterwords the events of the exams were uneventful as he passed with flying colors. One of his team mates Sen had also apparently grew a crush on him over the course of the exams, even more so after he rescued her and the other team mate.

    Over the next few years things started to change within the program, as some of village elders began to grow weary of it due the amount of power its leader was gaining within the village. It not taking long before they ordered the program itself to be disbanded and its leader taken into custody. Unsurprisingly after its destruction most of those who once served within it were integrated within the village's ANBU corp, Ao being a perfect match as a ANBU Hunter-Nin.

    He spent sever years as a Hunter-Nin, spending the majority of his days outside of the village hunting down missing-nin and fugitives, many of whom were fleeing to Issaigakure. Using this time to train himself in a variety of new techniques from many different countries and villages. Though once again something changed within the village and for some unsaid reason forced Ao to flee the village for Issaigakure, using his own skills and contacts to effectively flee the villages ANBU. Upon arriving at the village he was nearly immediately put into the villages now growing ANBU corps, and has been serving it for nearly 6 years.

    Though near the middle of the year he received word from his old team mate, one that he had fought with and rescued numerous times since they were genin. The letter saying that their other team mate Sen had been captured by Kirigakure hunter-nin, and that the Konoha ANBU refused to rescue her for fear of inciting a war. Without a word to his supperiors Ao left Issai in the middle of the night in order to hunt down her captures and return her to Konoha where she belonged.

    It took him nearly 2 weeks in order to track down the hutners who captured her, as well as take them out. Though the moment that he released her another group had just arrived at the hideout in roder to take her back to Kirigakure, and in the fight the Hunter-Nin realized that they would not be able to win against Ao. So instead they destroyed the hideout along with Sen inside of it. The only thing that he was able to find of her was her blue scarf.

    Though he never felt the same way about her he still felt a pit in his heart after her death, even more so as the last words she ever said to him were “I knew you would come for me Ao-kun... I just knew it.” After the Hunters destroyed the hideout Ao felt something he never felt before... rage... and pure anger. Using it to completely eviscerate the team of hunter-nin.

    When he returned to the land of fire with Sen's body he turned it over to his old team mate without saying a word and left to return to Issai. Though when he returned he knew that he would not be greeted with warm welcome and praise rather they would be curous on where his true loyalties lied, even more so that they had in fact been considering.

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