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Maya, Blue

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Name: Maya, Blue
Age: 9
Birthday: March 10th
Bounty: 50
Species: Human
Home Village/Ocean: East Blue
Allegiance: N/A
Occupation: N/A

Appearance: Blue appears to be nothing more than a very small, young girl with light blue hair and light brown eyes. Having been said to be very cute. She wears a light brown, long sleeve, shirt that goes down to her knees. The shirt has a high collar ad the chest portion is a more tan color with a checkerboard pattern across it. The shirt also has a hood, which is always up, and has cat like ears. Wearing dark colored pants and shoes. She also carries around a stuffed bunny called Bunbun that never leaves her side.
Personality: Blue is child-like in most aspects - she is small, cheerful, energetic, and carefree most of the time. Tending to get herself in trouble for going to the wrong places, bumping into the wrong people or asking the wrong questions. Even getting into trouble by being mischievous and playing pranks on people. But overall she is a very sweet child despite the fact that she is in the constant company of lowlifes; such as pirates or general outlaws.

Her upbringing and general company has made her immune to plenty of gruesome things such as seeing people dead or near death. As such she has never once screamed in fear or even cried, except when it comes to her faithful companion Bunbun the stuffed rabbit. She is even willing to help out anyone who she thinks is nice or a good person however she can. Generally thinking that anyone who gives her sweets or 'plays' with her as a good person. She also has very 'sticky fingers' as she tends to steal anything that she wants or what ever looks fun. This usually being sweets and other forms of candy.
History: Blue was born in East Blue in a famous village known as Loguetown, where the infamous king of the pirates was beheaded. Though she had a mother and father, she grew up in a orphanage as her parents did not want a child nor could they afford to raise one. The orphanage that she was sent to was considered to be very low income and overcrowded, meaning that she went hungry most nights. So when she could she would sneak out of the orphanage to get what ever food she could get her little hands on. Usually being the scraps left by patrons in bars and restaurants but it was better than the little amount of bread she got at the orphanage.

Though one day she ate the wrong persons food, having snuck into a bar that was currently occupied by a crew of rising star pirates in east blue. Crawling on the floor she saw a small chest that was sitting under the table of the pirates, curious to see if there was any food inside of it she looked inside only to find a strange looking fruit. Taking a bit out of it only to find that it was one of the worst things she had ever tasted, and she had eaten plenty of crappy food. But as she spit out the fruit she was making to much noise and the pirates sitting around the table she was under heard her.

The captain pushed over the table only to find a little girl eating the fruit in his chest. The pirate became furious as now the fruit was now worthless, for now the little girl had what ever power it possessed. So the captain decided to take the girl instead and sell her off to a slaver as devil fruit users were still worth a good amount of gold in the slave traded. The next thing that she knew she was the prisoner on a pirate ship sailing for the grandline.

Eventually the captain discovered that the fruit that he had was the Chin Chin no mi, a fruit that had the ability to upgrade what ever it was the user touched. So instead of selling the girl he decided to keep her as with her abilities he could become even stronger as long as the girl kept on upgrading him and his crew. Allowing him to take on opponents and crews that he would not be able to otherwise.

Ship: Name of ship or image
Ship Flag: Describe or post image

Name: Chin Chin no Mi (Ding Ding Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Description: .

Speed: Average
Strenth: Average
Special Abilities: Luck
Learned Techniques:[list]MedGirl: Using her abilities she is able to 'degrade' a wound, make life threatening ones nonthreatening, un-break bones, but is unable to completely heal wounds.
Weapons/Items: Matches, candy, medical kit.
Character Flaws: Her childlike attitude, lack of sense of direction.
Goals: To find a Family

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