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Mek had already found her way to the edge of the island, being easy enough to weave her way in and out of buildings to evade any pesky onlookers. Though the only difference now was that she was not looking for pirates anymore, rather now she was getting her butt off of the island. A few minutes earlier she got a call on her Den Den mushi, though there she did not speak to who ever it was the message was clear when all they said was the name of a town. When she got a call on that mushi that meant that the holiday was over and it was time to get back to the real work. Lucky enough that she got the call before she really started going after any bounties.

Though she couldn't leave the island on the same ship that she came in there were now plenty of near empty ships just ripe for the picking. Though there would obviously be some rear guard she knew that their best fighters would of been sent into the island rather than guarding a hunk of floating wood.

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