Gerald "The Butler" Lurch

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Gerald "The Butler" Lurch

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Name: Gerald "The Butler" Lurch
Species: Human
Age: 18
Birthday: January 13th.
Home Village/Ocean: North Blue

Bounty: 10,000,000
Bounty Collected:
Occupation: Butler/Cook
Allegiance: Pirate


Personality: Gerald has a mind unlike most as in a way he is born to serve. He will obey just about any command given to him by whomever he is currently working for whether that be making tea, dinner, or assassination. He speaks very calmly, having no concept of fear, anger, or loss. He has no problem in preforming what most would call inhumane acts of violence, allowing him to do anything without a seconds thought or tear. But anything he does must always be 'elegant'.

Though despite his 'I live to serve' attitude most people have a hard time trusting him, most people get a very creepy and uneasy feeling around him as if he always has anterior motives to what ever he does. But the people he serves tend to have the utmost confidence and trust in him, it tending to be the other people who serve under the master that do not trust him.
History: Gerard was born in north blue to a almost infamous family of 'Butlers' who served a family of nobles in North Blue. As a member of the Lurch family Gerard was raised in a specific style that was refined over hundreds of years so that he, like the rest of his family, could become the most elegant butlers in the world. The training and lessons were designed to erase a persons sense of self worth, increase intelligence/physical abilities, as well as their culinary skills. Everything so that they could become the perfect servants for their noble masters. The training had little to no cost restrictions for the Lurch family had become so successful over the years that the Noble family that they served only wanted better and better servants, mostly due to the fact that they were also bodyguards whom had protected them against hundreds of assassination attempts.

When a Lurch reached the age of 15 their training would officially be over and then they would be handed over to be the servant of a specific noble within that family. But the noble that Gerard was sent to serve was a very depressed one who was already considering suicide. Who did while on a trip away from their home island, and by the time that Gerard found that he did it was to late to save him.

With no one to serve Gerard found the most powerful person he could find on the island and became his butler, whom happened to be a very infamous Pirate called the 'Warlord' known for his brutality towards his victims. Strangely after Gerard showed him why he needed him as a butler he became very attached to the boy, becoming his most trusted servant.

While in the service of the Warlord pirates Gerard was used both as a butler and as a weapon against his enemies in North Blue. Gaining his first bounty of 3,000,000 after he skinned a marine captain alive and hung him up by his feet over his bed in a marine base. Which afterwards he became known as 'The Butler', though he could never understand why people called him that for he was already a butler.

With Gerard at his side the Warlord became more and more powerful, beyond his abilities before Gerard was at his side. Even using the boys name as a threat to other pirate crews who refused to join his armada. His bounty raising little by little for every pirate that he cut down until it was eventually around 8,000,000. Though eventually the Warlord took off more than he could chew after he attacked nothing more than a marine Admiral, who decimated his entire armada before they even realized it. Though Gerard survived the assault and found his way into another, and another pirate crew. Becoming the butler of another captain after his current is killed; eventually raising his bounty to 10,000,000.

Ship: Name of ship or image
Ship Flag: Describe or post image

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities:
  • [Combat Skill] Despite being a mere butler Gerald has exceptional, even a inhuman amount of skill in the field of combat. His speed and Agility being the most notable of all of his combat skills. Capable of displaying great acrobatic skill and even exceptional feats of balance and coordination. His strength is also very great, despite not looking like it. Capable of lifting great weights for lengthy periods of time with no sign of physical strain or stress. Lastly he seems to be a very durable, capable of taking great and even inhuman amounts of damage to his mind and body before falling. He also has enough experience using just about any form of weapon to be able to hold his own. With his skills and favored weapon he has been refereed to as a One man Army.
  • [Razor Wires] Out of any Weapon his favored, and preferred one is his unique razor sharp wires that he can control as thought they were extensions of his own body. Capable of using them to cut bullets in half so they miss.
  • [Observer] As a adept fighter Gerard has learned to focus on his eyes in combat so that he can both defend himself from high speed attacks as well as attack things moving at high speeds. Allowing him too see and defend himself against bullets or general high speed attacks.
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-15):
    Weapon Name: Razor Wires
    Desription: These are a set of very long monomolecular razor wires that are thin enough that they cannot be seen with human eyes, other than when light reflects off them.
    Weapon Special Abilities: These wires were forged with Seastone, making them very effective against devil fruit users and making them incredibly durable. Capable of slicing through concrete with ease.
    History: These wires were forged on the order of a family of world nobles for the Lurch family, allowing them to be made of the best materials without worrying about cost.
    Crew or character specific: Gerard Lurch

Character Flaws: No sense of Self Worth, seeing himself nothing more than a Tool to be used as his Master Wishes.
Goals: To Serve

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