Mek "The Hollow Hunter" Shura

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Mek "The Hollow Hunter" Shura

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Name: Mek "The Hollow Hunter" Shura
Age: 19
Species: Human
Birthday: August 28th

Bounty Collected: 24,000,000
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Allegiance: N/A

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue
Appearance: Mek Is about 5'8", waist length golden blonde hair, and blue eyes. wears a light green, short sleeve coat over a sleeveless red shirt. Wearing a blue skirt and leg length purple striped socks.

Personality: Despite her cheerful and harmless appearance Mek has been known to be a very ruthless and fearless person in order to get her payday. Having a very confident, free spirited, laid back, careless, and outgoing personality, believing that she can do just about anything she puts her mind to. Despite her looks she tends to talk in a masculine and blunt manner, tending to insult people without a care. She tends to go around without a care in the world.

She also despises being told what to do, which is one of the reasons why she would never officially join the marines for her free spirited attitude would never allow it. She would rather do things her own way for 99% of the time it is the better more efficient way. She is also extremely cheap, having a love of hording money, and will go out of her way to get someone else to pay for things she buys.

Her entire life is essentially devoted to the 'art' of bounty hunting, for she was raised by her father who was a bounty hunter himself. When she is after a bounty she can be quite ruthless, and is not below kidnapping, blackmail, or poisoning people in order to get her bounty. Tending to say just on the bounty between being one with a bounty and a bounty hunter. When hunting she is very good 'on the spot' thinker, as well as being able to come up with good strategies to take down bounties before hand.

Though despite anything she is still a girl. Having a love of her own personal style of clothing. She will go on spending sprees, though only when she can find some sucker to pay for it.

Mek was born somewhere in east blue to a father who was a famous bounty hunter and a un-notable mother who died at child birth. So with nothing keeping them on the island of her birth Mek's father took her with him on his bounty hunting trips. Her entire life was learning how to find what bounties where in the area, how to find them, and most importantly how to take them down for a payday.

Though her father did not initially want his daughter to follow in his footsteps it was inevitable, and eventually Mek started to help help her father on some bounties. Usually doing nothing more than help track them down, sometimes even using herself as bait to play on the bounties soft side.

Though on one random day Mek and her father caught wind that there was a big name bounty returning to east blue from the grandline. It was far to good to pass up so the two went out to track him down. It was easier than they thought though when they sprung their trap something went wrong and Meks father was cut down in front of her eyes. Angered at the sight of her father bleeding out Mek did the one thing a bounty hunter never tried to do... kill the bounty. It was afterwards that she saw that her fathers wound was not as bad as it seemed, as he only lost a arm in the end rather than his life. Before the marines arrived to take away the pirates body she went though his things and found nothing other than a devil fruit from the grand line, and she took it for herslef.

After that incident her father retired from the bounty hunting business and handed the reigns to his daughter, and with her new found devil fruit powers her skill as a bounty hunter escalated drastically overnight. Eventually gaining a name for herself after taking down a few big name pirates in the area.

Ship: Name of ship or image
Ship Flag: Describe or post image

Devil Fruit: Horo Horo no Mi ['Hollow Hollow Fruit']
Type: Paramecia
Effect: The Horo Horo no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to produce and control ghosts.

Special Abilities:
    [Combat Abilities] Being a bounty hunter Mek had to learn to defend herself in one way or another. She mainly focused on learning how to dodge and evade attacks, making her very agile and quick on her feet. She also knows various defensive attacks meant to subdue opponents.
    [Tracker] Being raised in the art of bounty hunting she was taught by her father how to track people though any terrain.

Learned Techniques:
  • Negative Hollow: She sends out a ghost that can drain the will of any person it comes into contact with.
  • Scary Hollow: She sends out a ghost that can install a unnatural amount of fear in people, making them to scared to move or fight, or even become fearful of their own cremates.
  • Boom Hollow: She sends out a mini ghost that can explode with enough force to put a hole in a stone wall.
  • Hollow Network: Mek is able to see what her hollows see, essentially allowing her to gain a surveillance system of anywhere she wishes.
  • Tracker Hollow: Mek will send out a ghost that will 'fuse' with a target. This does not do anything other than allow Mek to see though the targets eyes and being able to know their exact position.
  • Hollow Girl: Mek is able to send out a ghost that looks exactingly like her, allowing her to roam anywhere she wishes as a ghost unable to be harmed. Though this leaves behind her body defenseless. Essentially a astral projection. In this form she can still create ghosts from the projection body. She can instantly go back to her own body.

Weapons/Items: Handcuffs (Normal and Seastone), Log Pose

Character Flaws: It is difficult for her to ask for help, overconfidence, and no sense of danger.

Goals: To become the great bounty hunter, and eventually become a Shichibukai.

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