Grunge "Blue Eyed" Kakaru

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Grunge "Blue Eyed" Kakaru

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Name: Grunge "Blue Eyed" Kakaru
Age: 19
Birthday: November 7th
Species: Human/Wolfman
Bounty: 10,000,000

Occupation: N/a
Allegiance: N/A
Home Village/Ocean: North Blue


Personality: Kakaru is a man who is apathetic, determined, and driven to complete his goal seeing anything that will impede or prevent him from this is useless and disposable. Making him seemingly a very cold and calculating person who will do or kill anyone to get what he wants. Allowing him to preform inhumane acts without flinching or shedding a tear. In all most people would compare him to a predator seeking prey, a lone wolf in a herd of sheep.

To him winning means nothing more than him being alive and his opponent being nothing more than a corpse under his blade. Though he does have a sense of honor when it comes to his chosen prey as he will bury the corpse of his prey, though will leave any others out to rot. He is a man who respects power and that alone, and can even respect their wishes if they prove to be strong enough. What most people don't understand is that his mentality is not that of anger or aggression, rather a love of fighting and the unconscious need to hunt the strong.

Due to being a wolfman he also has some personality quirks such as being very territorial, as once he settles down in a place for any length of time he will not allow anyone else to trespass on it. He will also growl at people just looking and sounding like a wolf, especially if they interrupt him eating or his fights. He also has a soft spot for any kind of dog, and if he ever sees anyone being cruel to one he will take drastic measures to ensure they never do it again, he will even take in strays for how ever short his stay is as if it was apart of his pack. But will go out of his way to be cruel to cats.

History: Must be detailed and explain where learnt special fighting moves or trade etc......

Ship: Name of ship or image

Ship Flag: Describe or post image

Devil Fruit: Toppu Toppu no Mi ('Top Top Fruit')
Type: Paramecia
Effect: The Toppu Toppu no Mi is a paramecia type devil fruit that bestows upon the user the ability to instantly spin any part of their body at any angle without harm to themselves, making the user a 'Top Man'. (In most devil fruit books this fruit is generally refereed to as a low class fruit due to its simple ability) In one way this allows the user to instantly swing any sword, at its top speed, before the opponents even realize that it moved. This also means that the user could swing the same sword multiple times in the same or multiple directions before anyone notices. In another way this allows the user to obtain high speed movement by spinning their legs, or any part of the body that touches a surface, at high speeds; similar to a wheel. This fruit also makes the user immune to becoming dizzy, unbalanced, and even immune to a broken neck.

Special Abilities:
[Wolfman Heritage]: Kakaru draws part of his bloodline from a race of humanoid canines, similar to fishmen. As such he possesses many canine like abilities such as enhanced sense of smell allowing him to track prey for miles, enhanced hearing that allows him to hear with great distance and precision, enhanced sight that allows him to see in the dark as if it were day, and lastly it allows him to run faster on all fours than on two. It also gives him his Sharp teeth, claws, signature blue eyes, and can eat raw meat without the same fears a pure human would.

[Fighting]: He is very skilled in hand to hand combat and swordplay, having years of fighting experience in both arts. Both are self taught from hands on experience rather than any style.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-15): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise.

Weapons/Items: Zanbato (Butcher Knife Style)

Character Flaws: Has a big soft spot for dogs. Will 'erase' any cat he sees.

Goals: To become the greatest 'Predator'

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