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Akagi Taru

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- Did not see any board for custom jutsu's
- Could use clarity on what is meant by Basic and Advanced Skills

Name: Akagi Taru
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Birth Date: November, 18th
Village: Hidden Horizon
Appearance: Most would say that he is far far from ordinary, even in just terms of appearance. Having snow white hair, rather strange natural color for someone in the country, and eyes as green as mid summer leaves. He also has 4-5 piercings in each ear which tends to be more common among teenagers who are rebelling against their parents. He appears to like heavy clothing as he is nearly always seen wearing a black, almost leather looking, high collar coat that extends about a foot below his waist. Odder that he wears such clothing during ninja training making people think of he is serious or not. He also constantly has bandages wrapped around his neck which is supposed to be a old remedy to prevent ones voice from going out.
Personality: Curiously Reckless. He has a naturally curious mind that both consciously and unconsciously makes him want to observe and know everything around him from how man nails there are in a house to how many freckles are on a little girls face. This also makes him into one of those people who does things just to see what will happen, even if that means poking a sleeping bear with a stick until it wakes up (he will do these things even though he knows they will backfire)

Intelligently Unnatentive. He is naturally calm and laid back in nearly any given situation. While also possessing a very intelligent mind for his age suited for observing, analyzing, and reacting to what he sees around him rather than do something about it himself. When combined with his naturally curious mind this makes him have little to no attention span, seeing something interesting for 1 second and something shinnies the next. Even in the middle of battle he is more focused on a squirrel eating a nut rather than the attacking guy with a sharp blade.

Strange and Perverted. Above all else he is considered to be just plain strange. Tending to do any random thing that comes to his mind whenever that is. In the mourning he may be sitting upside down watching the wind and in the afternoon staring at birds fly around the city from roof tops. He is also a guy which takes its form in a perverted manner; as in sneaking into women's bathhouses. (Though has very specific standards)

Weapons:[blockquote]Kunai (6)
Exploding Notes (12)
Your Rank: Gennin

Basic Skills: Hearing
Advanced Skills:
Bloodline Skills: N/A
Your Clan Details: N/A
[E-Rank][Blockquote]Name: Henge no Jutsu • Transformation Technique
Rank: E
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This technique transforms the user’s appearance to that of another person. However, it is not a permanent transformation and a mental image of what they are transformed into. Certain aspects of a ninja will not change merely by transformation, these things may include injuries, tool pocket placements etc. The jutsu will dispel should the user be injured.

Name: Kawarimi no Jutsu • Body Replacement Technique
Rank: E
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This technique allows the user to alter places in a speedy manner with another nearby object. This is done mere seconds before an attack lands, thus making the attacker believe his or her attack was a success. Whatever object was used to alter places will receive the brunt of the enemy’s attack instead.
[C-Rank][Blockquote]Name: Tensei - Shinfoni Keiteki • Heavenly Voice - Whistle Symphony
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Shinfoni Keiteki is a unique ninjutsu technique where by gathering chakra in their throat the user is able to create sounds far outside of normal human capabilities and hearing. The sounds produced, at this level, serve 2 purposes. Firstly it creates a sonar like effect around the user effectively allowing them to 'see' everything around them. Second it allows them to give directions to their Doki by producing various sounds in any hearing range. When combined with their sonar it allows them to give their Doki familiars exact enemy locations and movements.

Name: Tensei - Ochni • Heavenly Voice - Deafening
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Shinfoni Keiteki is a unique ninjutsu technique where the user gathers chakra in their throat creates a extremely high pitched sound. This firstly causes large amounts of pain in the ears as they become overloaded (Ears bleeding, ringing after effect), and can even disrupt the targets chakra control: possibly making them lose control of any jutsu they are using. Though using this overworks the users vocal cords and to much use will leave them unable to produce sound for a short period.

Name: Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Doki • Summoning Technique - Angry Spirits
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This summoning technique allows the user to summon their Doki familiars. Each Doki stands at around 8ft tall and allways have thier long hair covering their faces for they have none. They are very fast, strong, and durrable though have no mind of their own so they are controled through the Tensei technqiue: each wields a different 2h weapon.[/blockquote]
Weaknesses: He possesses little to no close combat skills, making it dangerous if a enemy gets into close range and him unable to retreat or even if he is forced into a purely physical confrontation.
Strengths: Despite having no skill in close range he has learned to be quite adept in dodging and running away from enemies who get to close to his comfort zone. He is very strategically minded and his curious mind makes him aware of nearly everything around him

Pet: N/A

History: Akagi was born into what most would call a completely normal family. His parents are the two loving owners of a local favorite tea shop, made famous for their unique tea's and friendly atmosphere. Akagi was one of 3 children, having a older and younger sister so he was usually seen as the odd ball in the family even when he was young. Though when he started growing up his sisters became more involved with the tea shop and Akagi become more interested in anything and everything else other than the shop.

He would rarely go home for he found everything outside of the shop to be far more interesting even though his parents and sisters wanted him to help around with the shop saying that was all he needed to be happy, but he never bought that. He began to explore anything he could get his hands on including ninjutsu, sneaking into the local academy to see what he could learn out of curiosity.

One night after sneaking into the academy he found his way into one of the teachers offices and got his hand on some of his scrolls, taking them for himself and began to read one after another until he found something that caught his eye. The teacher never found out who took his scrolls.

When he became old enough he enrolled himself into the ninja academy, forging his parents signatures for they would never let him join such a dangerous occupation, and when it came time for his parents to see his school and progress he convinced 2 homeless people to pretend to be his parents for a few meals. Though the teachers were suspicious when nether of them looked like him and more so the way they smelled. But they did not want to say anything for Akagi showed to much promise minus his reckless curiosity.

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