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Sarin Clan

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Clan Name: Sarin
Village of Origin: Mizugakure
Clan History: To speak of the history of the Sarin is to tell a tale of darkness, pain, and death. Though the Sarin are the bringers of the darkness and pain they are not the ones who truly feel it rather it is their victims that tell their tale. Making it a band of folk lore and ramblings of drunken old men. The first true Sarin lived in a time before there were any shinobi villages to call home and were some of the first true grand masters of poison making, and were tired of giving away their concoctions for mere coin. Eventually developing a way so they could create their own within their own bodies. The tales have told that the first true Sarin appeared in the battle of the red marsh, where one army was being pushed back towards their homeland and soon to be defeated. Then the tide turned when a single man took out both army by spreading out a cloud of poisonous gas across the entire battle field. Leaving nothing behind but mounds of corpses and a land that no man would ever call home again. The Sarins, like many other clans, joined forces with many others in order to form the foundation of Mizugakure. Although their name slowly faded into the pages of history for they had no love of the spot light.

They honed their abilities over the decades with harsh training and selective breeding. Though their numbers rarely rose above 5, choosing to create more quality over a quantity of ninja. Choosing to play darker roles within the politics of mizugakure.
Clan Tree: Asao Sarin
Clan Symbol:

Clan Requirements: My Permission
Clan Members:
Clan/Unique Traits: Dokuton ('Poison Release') is a advanced nature transformation created and used by members of the Sarin clan. Members of the Sarin clan are capable of creating poison in both liquid and gas states, making them immune to their own poisons due to that they created it with their own chakra, though the created poison has none in it.
Enhanced Senses: Due to the nature of the clans abilities they find that sight becomes almost useless to them for once they use their abilities there is nothing to see other than poisonous gas, forcing them to develop their sense of hearing and smell to super human levels. Allowing them to fight with only sound, and almost giving them a 'sonar' sense.
Natural Resistance: Being creators of poisons, and hundreds of years of selective breeding, members of the Sarin develop a high immunity to most forms of poison, and many members go even further by purposely injecting their body with various poisons so they can build a immunity or at least lessen the effects in the case of poisons they have never met.
Hiden Jutsu:
Clan Items:
Clan Rules:

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