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Deria Hisaki

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Deria Hisaki
BOOM Bitch!

Name: Deria Hisaki
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Rank: Dark Mage - Unmarked

Appearance: Deria takes on a rather normal appearance when compared to many of his mage kin, though still some would still say its strange. He firstly wears no shirt and instead just wears a sleeveless grey hoodie with the hood nearly always up. Over his hoodie he wears a black high color jacket though he just wears it over his shoulders without putting his arms in the sleeves. He rarely wears shoes though when he does they are flip flops while wearing baggy jeans where the bottom ends are ragged and shredded from being dragged across the ground. In actually physical appearance he is Caucasian with blue eyes, dark grey hair, stands at about 5'10", and having a slim physique, though despite this his body is very toned.

Personality: Deria has a rather rash and rough attitude making most people see him as generally 'uncivilized', having a rough and cocky demeanor. Quick to be angered and easily annoyed, very hot-headed and often tended to overreact to certain things, and something of a sadistic arsonist. His hobby's are making things go boom and people-watching, and ends up having him go to places or see things that he probably shouldnt.

Despite his obvious recklessness his tactical attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents.

He is very intelligent, often using tricks, misdirection, and calculated gambles to win. Allot of his personality is boiled down to a set of mocking and sarcasm, making him not above a good joke or prank. Though when needed it has been shown that he can be serious, or at least appear to be. Though despite anything he always knows more than he says, and notices more than people think.

Brief History: Deria was born into one of the largest cities in the southern end of the continent to a poor widow who died during child birth. As such he was placed into a one of the low end orphanage's in the low income area of the town and also the largest. It did not take long before he was recruited into one of the gangs as a lookout for the rune knights or law enforcement. His boss was also trying to recruit mage's so that he could start his own guild, a dark one for obvious reasons and could think of nothing better than seeing if any of his younger members had any magical talent and Deria was found to have one of the most promising talents he would ever see.

Fitting his growing demeanor he was taught how to use a explosive form of magic so that he could eventually be his bosses main brute strength. By the time he was 10 he was already in magical battles against the other local gangs mage's and he had a growing reputation to not cross his path. But as he got older he started growing apart from his boss and eventually left the city for good and became muscle for hire. But he knew that eventually his boss would eventually create his own Dark guild and once he did he would try to find him so he could bring him back or bring back his head.

Magic Type: Caster : Destructive Magic
Deria possesses a powerful form of magic known as Destructive Magic, or sometimes referred to as Explosion Magic, that allows him to cause explosions anywhere around him by manipulating explosive energy and in theory capable of destroying anything. Deria controls where the explosions happen through, not specific, hand or other body movements for he can create them though just pointing his finger, waving it, or his favorite snapping his fingers though he can create it though other body motions but they become less condensed within a specific area and less damaging. Most people believe that Deria is immune to explosive damage due to his magic, though in reality like many other elemental mage's Deria's body consists of explosive energy literally making him a bomb making him capable of absorbing any other explosion around him and use the energy to fuel his own spells. He is capable of being hit by magics that negate magic or absorb energy, water magic also has some minor effects on quelling his explosive magic but his own magic produces enough heat to vaporize it.
  • Flash: Deria motions his hand towards the target and causes a explosion that firstly creates a miniature explosion at the center then instantly causes a explosion in the surrounding area. Deria is also capable of creating these miniature explosions in his hand, and can then send them like homing bullets at the target.
  • Flash Crack: Deria motions both of his hands towards the target area, where 10 small pea sized glowing balls appear around the target and then causing a instantaneous, and devastating explosion within its ring. 10 times stronger than Flash.
  • Flash Spots: Deria motions both of his hands towards the target where then hundreds of miniature explosions appear around the target though unlike his other spells they do not detonate immediately. Rather Deria will build up more and more around the target for the miniature explosions prevent anything from moving moving them due to the expanding explosive energy, effectively trapping the target until he has built up so many that it could nearly 1 hit K.O. the target. Though highly destructive it takes some time to create.
  • Blast Foot: Deria releases explosive energy at both of his feet, excelling him forward and granting him superhuman speed where to change direction or stop he just has to release another explosion in a different direction. Though when he does it becomes easier to follow due to the line of explosions.
  • Charge: Deria is capable of infusing massive amounts of his magical energy into any thing he touches and can then detonate those objects or spots on whim. Making his own body his biggest explosive as he can release devastating explosions directly off of his body in a specified direction or in every.
  • Collapsing Sun: Deria creates a miniature explosion in his hand which will then float to a specified area. The ball will slowly grow as it sucks in anything around it, almost like a black hole drawing in anything or anyone around it where once it reaches a specific size it releases all of the stored energy in a giant explosion.

Non-Magical abilities:
  • Presence Suppression: Although rather unlike someone like him Deria has the uncanny knack to remain almost completed undetected while not in combat especially by those with magical sensing or enhanced senses. This helps especially when he is people-watching.
  • Hand to Hand: He is rather adept in fighting hand to hand, especially since he does not use any weapon other than his magic. Capable of attacking and defending solely on his skill in this if the need arises. Although his hand to hand skill is mostly due to it being augmented with his magic.
  • Agility: Along with everything else he is quite nimble on his feet being very quick handed and quick on the feet. Capable of jumping vast distances without the need of magical augments.
  • Determination: Some would say his greatest strength his in inability to accept defeat for most will say he will fight even after most would of quit hours earlier. He just does not believe that anything is stronger than himself and his explosive magic.
  • Durability: Surprising for his physique is that he can take quite the punishment and capable of lasting in fights even after sustaining massive amounts of damage. It especially helps that he does not know when to quit.

  • Average Intelligence: Though quite adept in battle tactics he is considered very average outside of it. When someone once told him he was nothing but a dumb brute he responded by blasting him threw a wall. He is the person who would rather destroy a computer over trying to hack it.
  • Average Strength: If his physique wasn't a clue Deria is considered very average for a mage in terms of physical strength. Though he claims to make up for it in sheer explosive power.
  • Hot-Headed: Possibly his greatest downfall is his explosive demeanor as he becomes easily agitated by the smallest of things making him prone to start brawls and fights.
  • Cockiness: Another of his weakness, or possibly a advantage is his ego for he just does not see the possibility of him being weaker or loosing against anyone and anything even if they are far stronger than him. It also makes him toss away strategy just to prove that he is better.

Sample Post: 'Scratch, Scratch... Scratch', Scratch was the only sound he could hear in the inn, every 20 seconds or so something in the walls would start scratching.. or eating the wood in the wall hell he didn't know or care all that mattered was find what ever was making that nose and silencing it. Deria got out of his bed and walked slowly over to the edge of the room on the tips of his toes, so he would not make any noise to scare off what ever was making that noise, and bent over towards the wall placing his ear against it and waiting.

'Scratch, Scratch' the noise came from another side of the room he moved as quickly and silently as he could towards the source of the sound and repeated the process of waiting with his ear open against the wood. 'SCRATCH SCRATCH'... In that single moment when he could hear the rodent scratching against the wood he yelled "BOOM BITCH!" and a explosion engulfed the wall and some very confused and frightened people out side ran for it when they saw a bomb go off on the second floor of the inn. "HAHA What now pesky rodent! What now!?" he panted a bit as he was just glad he could get some sleep, though it would be a littler chillier with you know the giant hole in the wall but he had a thick blanket. He finally was drifting into a deep sleep and about to begin his first dream of the night and 'Scratch Scratch'.

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