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Another Aien Norou

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Aien Norou

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Name: Aien Norou
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Rank: Unmarked

Appearance: Aien at first glance seems to be a fairly normal teenager, though the more one looks at him the more they realize his appearance is far from the ordinary civilians. Firstly he has blonde hair and blue eyes, though his eyes are normally half way covered by his unmarked black bandanna that is wrapped around his head.

He wears two layers of clothing, the under garments are a set of tight black cloths wile he wears a lose white over shirt that extends down to his hands and opens up towards the wrists. Wile he wears black baggy shorts that extend below his knees, and lastly he wears a pair of toe-less black boots.

Though the strangest thing on his is a chain wrapped around his right hand and on it are numerous trinkets that appear to have come from a psychopath for some are shaped like bones or severed heads. It makes it even worse for while he is holding the trinkets he is capable of hearing the demons speak and in order to respond he must talk out loud.

Personality: Aien is considered to be very anti-social, tending to stay away from talking or befriending others. Generally being extremely direct in conversation even if it is insulting or demeaning, though he is rarely insulting on purpose. This generally gets mistaken for his natural sarcastic personality. Eventually in all leading him to look down upon everyone around him, some people would even say that he just sees everyone else as insects and doesn't think twice about taking anyone out, though obviously a exaggeration.

He possesses a naturally calm attitude which he uses to his advantage in battle as it becomes easy for him to retain his composure and stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents. But as he tends to look down upon others he becomes easily overconfident.

Brief History: Aien was born in a small village somewhere within the northern end of the continent, though like many others the village he was born in was destroyed by the demon Deliora wile he was a child; taking his parents with it. When the the council sent their rune knights to search for survivors they found the infant Aien and placed him in a orphanage in the central continent along with numerous other orphans.

Wile the other orphans minds were nearly destroyed by the thought of the demon Aien's was not, rather it changed from that of a child to a hunter. Becoming entranced by the thought of killing the demon who destroyed his childhood. As he got older he soon realized that he did not possess the strength to fight on his own and he turned to summoning magic, more specifically he looked to command the kin of the very creature he sought out to destroy... Demons.

It did not take long for him to learn how to make contracts with specific demons, even at his age, and soon he learned new ways to use them in combat. But he soon heard that the demon he sought to destroy was killed in the north.

With his goal destroyed before he could even reach it he became less driven in his quest to become stronger. Rather just took on enough jobs to survive rather to exceed in anything. But he eventually saw some enjoyment in fighting other mages to a pulp with his demonic spirits and began a new quest to become the strongest at whatever the cost.

Magic Type: Holder : Ex-Summon
Aien's magic is a holder type, similar to Celestial Spirit magic, that allows him to summon various creatures to fight for him. But unlike normal summoner types Aien is able to switch out one summon for another instantly. When switched the new summon takes the exact physical position of the old one as well as retaining any speed or movement the former had, or the user can choose to summon it near his current position. If the summon takes to much damage or is destroyed the next will appear near his current position.

The creatures summoned are not Celestial Spirits, but are rather demons (Each named for one of the 7 Sins) that are summoned through small trinkets kept on a chain that is wrapped around his right hand. Demons are far more rebellious and aggressive than celestial spirits. Where all he needs to do to summon specific ones is to flow magical energy through the specific trinket. Despite speculation switching from one summon to another requires little energy, but summoning when there isn't a current one does require a normal amount. In all this allows Aien to use highly specialized summons for their specific magically enhanced abilities such as strength, speed, or durability.

User can summon 2 at one time though with restrictions. First summon must be Wrath, Lust, Sloth, or greed and the second must be Envy or Gluttony. Allowing the user to have a attack and a support type summon. Though having 2 out at one time will quickly drain the user.

*Note: Summons strength depends on users Rank.
  • Wrath
    A demon with a large, buff red, humanoid body with a rams head.
    Strength (High), Speed (Low), Armor (Low-Medium).
  • Lust
    A humanoid, reptilian demon with a grey scale covered body.
    Strength (Low), Speed (High), Armor (Low-Medium).
  • Sloth
    Is a large Bear Demon who's only ability is its tough/durable body.
    Strength (Low), Speed (low), Armor (High).
  • Greed
    Is a small demonic head who's only ability seems to be self detonation. Capable of causing a explosion in the area around it, killing itself in the process. Despite this, it is capable of being re-summoned or merely a different is summoned.

  • Envy
    Is a demon that is capable of changing its form into that of any human or living creature it has seen including voice, magic, weapons, and attire but everything is at half the strength. Though is not able to copy their personality or mannerism.
  • Gluttony
    Is a obese humanoid demon who seemingly has the ability to eat enormous objects and store them within itself and can move through the surrounding environment at high speeds by seemingly fusing with it.
  • Pride
    Currently a unknown / un-summonable demon.

Non-Magical abilities:
  • Alertness: Aien is extremely alert of his surroundings to the point of some people thinking that he has eyes on the back of his head. But in reality he is just focused enough to hear, see, and smell the smallest of things around him.
  • Agile: Despite his general lack of physical abilities Aien is actually quite agile, capable of dodging attacks with ease, even capable of jumping long distances with ease. Though whether this is just his general alertness to his surroundings or actual physical skill is anyone's guess.
  • Knowledgeable: Aien has a thirst for learning, as such he spends nearly all of his free time reading and learning about the numerous different forms of magic or anything he can get his hands on. Making him well versed in most different forms of magic, how they are preformed, or even how to disable them (such as with rune magic).

  • Average Strength/Speed
  • Overconfident
  • Looks down upon everyone else.

Sample Post:

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Re: Another Aien Norou

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Magic Type: Caster : Soul Play
Aien possesses a strange and rare form of magic that allows him to manipulate and control, the souls of living creatures whether living or dead or at least possessing a high awareness to those around him. With this magic he is able to permanently capture the souls of the recently dead and store them within his body to be used for later purposes. Where once he is in possession of a deceased's soul he is able to know anything that they did in their life as if their own memories and experiences were his own, making it highly confusing at times, though also giving a vast knowledge of other magics though despite essentially knowing how to use them he could never learn any other form of magic this way. With the stored souls Aien is capable of animate corpses by placing them within them.
  • Death Play: is Aien's ability to animate corpses by giving them one of the souls stored within his body. Once within the body the flesh and bone regenerate to that of a healthy human/animal and can take on the appearance of any other human during the initial regeneration process for they do not become who the soul originally belonged to rather becomes more like a blank slate so if a personality is needed Aien would have to create one himself from one of his memories. The soul augments the corpses abilities far beyond their original capabilities as if they were under the effects of speed, strength, or durability enhancing magics and can be augmented further by placing more souls within the same corpse.
  • Grave Play: Aien learned early on that he could not carry around multiple corpses every where he went so he found a way to be able to summon corpses on the battle field. By placing his hand over the ground he is capable of summoning coffins from the earth that possess his corpses.
  • Sense Play: is Aien's ability to sense other souls around him. Effectively allowing him to pinpoint the location and movements of any living creature and giving him some insight to their abilities and overall power level. Allowing him to know what kind of magic's they use and how much magical energy they possess.

    Aien also possesses a link to his corpses as he is always aware of their position, any damage they have taken, and is capable of experiencing any of their sense's as if they were his own. Allowing him to see, hear, feel, or taste anything his corpses do.
  • Magic Play: is Aien's ability to directly attack the souls of other living creatures. By merely touching another living creature he is capable of causing immense amounts of physical and mental suffering by directly attacking their soul with one of his.

    He is also capable of influencing another's soul in a less direct, yet highly effective way. By instantly sending one of his souls to his target he is capable of causing temporary loss of magic. Effectively making it so they cannot use magic for a short period of time.


Magic Type: Caster : Fog Magic
Fog Magic is a strange and almost unheard of form of magic used by Aien Norou. This magic allows Aien to create a thick blanket of fog in the surrounding area ranging from 0-100% visibility. The fog itself is not made of water vapor as normal fog is and the fog itself is unable to be moved by anything or anyone other than Aien himself.

Though the abilities of the fog are far from just causing a visual weakness as he is able to harden areas within the fog to the point that they become harder than steel, allowing him to immobilize and even crush opponents within it. He can also manipulate any sounds within the fog whether it is completely erasing it or mimic them.

As well as anyone who breaths in the fog becomes susceptible to Aien's control as he can then

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