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[Sealed Descrition]
The Zanpaukto takes the form of a average Katana. The blade when used feels like a extension of the users arm, the hilt and guard appear to be of fine make, having small etchings in it.
[Release Phase]
"Weave for Me...Tataru."
[Manifestation]:Tataru is a female zanpaukto, one of the few. She takes the form of a Blind womam with claws for hands. She resides in a black and white world engulfed in something that looks like the Sahara Desert with constantly shifting white sand.
[Class-Type]: Kido/????
[Family-Type]: ????
[Sub-Type]: ---

[Shikai Description]: Once released a small mage looking creature called Tata will appear on the users back, apparently stuck on it for it dosent have to use its hands to hold. Clawed metalic gloves will also appear on the users hands, these gloves have esquisite desinges on them [Resembles the ones seen on Manifestation] and are as hard and sharp as any blade.
[Shikai Special Ability]: The Creature Tata has the ability to cast any Kido spell the user knows with same cooldowns as a shinigami, though shares reiatsu. The first ability wile within Shikai form is granting the user immunity to passive AOE abilities, such as auras, and to his own kido being absorbed/stolen from his body. The gloves have the ability to absorbe any form of kido attack thrown at them, though anything above a level 60 or bankai the user has to wait a post other wise he will not be able to absorbe another; once abosrbed a Kido [or any time at the strength of the highest kido spell he can cast] the user is able to eather blast it back at them in the form of a Kido Blast [Similiar to a Cero] that shoots out one of his claws [Can add own reiatsu for more speed and power] or abosrbe that energy and add to his own. Any kido or Tata uses wile in shikai is considered to be 15 ranks higher, and the user is capable of completly understanding any kido he sees, allowing him to understand how it works an advantages and weaknesses.

Name - Sumiyaku Gokuin [Speed Seal]
Attributes: Reiatsu
Class: Kido
' [Once the user touches or is touched eather the targets body or thier Zanpaukto the user is capable of placing a seal on them, this seal will appear around thier ankles as reiatsu rings when activated. If the target is to use any form of high speed movement such as Shunpo etc the reiatsu traveling though thier legs will activate the seal, and will paralize them with thier own reiatsu for 1 post, 2 if they are captain rank and then it will prevent the usage of any high speed movement for 2 posts.] '
Post Durations:
Cooldown: 5

Name -
' [Insert technique effect here & desc.] '
Post Durations: (Any charge posts or how long it lasts will be here)
Cooldown: (Amount of posts of your own before using this again)
This is for Captains and if only you've achieved Bankai.

Bankai: {Description of it and new name goes here}
Bankai Special Ability:


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