Murky Depths

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Murky Depths

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Hayate chuckled a bit as he turned his head back around looking at Basil "You seem to forget that you have your own little light over there, i never met a man who forgot about himself so easily." he said with a tone of humor in his voice for he already knew that the others had little to no choice but to tag along with them, and he also knew full well that he needed them to tag along even if it was just for a flashlight right now, and he already thought of how the fishman could help them when the time came. "and if you were wondering i wasn't going to just ask politely... i was going to ask it politely with cherries on top. That little piece of info did come into mind, but that is something we cannot do anything about until later, and until later we just have to take this one little step at a time Mr. Basil. Especially since we still have to get to the front." he said looking at Basil, already conjuring up a few ideas on how to get out depending on the situation.

He looked at each of them in the group, knowing that each of them was eaten at some point or another, and each time that happened the beast they were within surfaced and chowed down on a new meal. Though the thing that he was most curious about was what was the reason that it was chowing down on such a small meal, especially when there was much larger prey down below and the only thing that he could think of was that the island eater wasn't surfacing just to catch a meal. Though this was still just all speculation on his part. "This is all just speculation but when you think about it... why is there a group of alive humans, and Fishman, in the belly of a Island Eater, when there is much bigger prey down below." he stated to the group as he turned back around starting to walk again before he looked back "Mr. Basil if you don't mind lighting up the way for us?"

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