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Name: Madaori, Danzo
Nickname: 'The White Hunter'
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180lbs
Type: Meister
Soul Alignment: Neutral Evil
Current Partner: Yagyū Munenori (Permanent Demon Weapon / Kishin Egg)
    Mother: Miira the Witch
    Sister: Senna the Witch
    Brother: Daru (Kishin Egg currently under Shibusen custody)

Face Claim: Zabuza Momochi / Naruto
Appearance: Danzo is a tall and noticeably muscular man, well toned and fit, with short spiky black hair, ice blue eyes. Normally seen wearing bandages like a mask over the bottom half of his face neck and it normally being loose on the bottem of the neck making it more like a scarf. Where underneith the mask of bandages he has a narrow jawlike. Wearing a strip of cloth sideways on his head with the rest of it loosly on the side of his head. Normally seen wearing a sleeveless black shirt and matching pands, complete with a thick cloth like belt. Having sets of wrist-warmers that extend up to his elbows. He is rarly ever seen wearing shoes and if he is they are normally boots or sandals.

Personality: Danzo is normally seen as a aggressive, arrogant, cruel, cold and ambitions, and willing to do nearly anything in order to get what he wants including killing any person who stands in his way even if they are his own allies. Seeing most people as a means to a end, pawns for his own use with little to no regard for their own or even his own personal saftey. Though dispite a similarity to other evil humans he is very blunt about his purpose, for he has no need to manipulate or pretend in order to inspire loyalty and respect.

He is a observent adversary who is able to anzlyse his opponent's techniques after seeing them, then capable of finding ways in order to counter them to give himself the advantage in the fight on hand, but he easily becomes overconfident in things he does not deem usefull. Though in some cases he does sometimes show a kinder side, especially to his mother Miira. Though not to the point of mindless loyalty or even near it, rather he sees her the same way she sees him. A means to a end, though he still respects her. For the few people that know of his connection to Miira and try to talk about it he quickly tells them to shut it.

He does have a sense of honor though, as he is even disgusted by the idea of working for anyone other than himself, though he makes a exception for his Mother Miira. He is even willing to let some of his opponents go if he sees something within the fight that he likes, or if feels them to be worthy of living or simply not worth his time. But despite any sense of honor he has no quarrels in using assassination tactics on any target, for there are no rules in war and if they are not good enough to defend thier lives then they are not even worth having them.

Fighting Stlyle: Danzo's fighting style is one that ranges from stealth and assassination techniques, moving around unseen and notice and taking out the targets before they even realize that there is a cold blade cutting though their windpipe. This style of fighting being his signature abilities in nearly any fight, and his preferred fighting style. Making it even more deadly with his Soul Mist ability that covers the entire area in a thick fog making soul senses and sight completely useless allowing him to use assassination techniques easier. Wile on the other hand his style is by using his Zanbatou and physical fitness to completely overwhelming the targets with both quick and hard hitting strikes ranking from blade strikes to punches to kicks. Completely capable of combining all of his fighting styles into a single form of fighting.
    Kontan Kiri - Soul Mist
    Kontan Kiri is Danzo's signature technique, his special ability allows him to amplify his soul and release it into the surrounding area in the form of a thick mist/fog where he is able to controle the density to a light mist to a fog so thick you cant even see your finger touching your nose. Making it a ideal technique for assassination based tactics, making it even more useful since the fog is made of his own soul it becomes impossible to track/locate him through those means.
Resonances: (If with a partner)
Special Notes: meerkat

Weapon: Yagyū Munenori
History: Was once a famous weapon smith known in all lands, creating blades of such quality that even those with demon weapons sought to possess one of them to replace their own. Though one day Munenori disappeared from the pages of history. Unknown to most was that he himself was a Demon weapon in the form of a massive broadsword shaped like a giant butcher knife, and more importantly became a Kishin Egg in search for power stemming from his quest to create the greatest blade. Where in his dark decent he permanently changed himself into his Demon weapon form, forsaking his weak human form to gain more power.
Weapon Form: Is a massive broadsword shaped like a giant butcher knife, and having a long handle.
Abilities: Permanent Demon Weapon

Likes: Spicy Foods, Fighting, Hunting/Tracking.
Dislikes: Children, Woman, Loud/talkative people, sweet foods
    Excellent Tracker
    Stealth: Capable of moving without being heard/seen.
    Knowlege of Anatomy: Knows where all of the vital/vulnerable spots on the Human Body.
    Seasoned Figher
    Very Physically Fit in all Areas
    Enhanced Senses: Smell/Hearing: Is capable of fighting though hearing alone and capable of smelling scents hours after they have passed, near dog level.
    No regard for Personal Safety
    Long Range Combat
    Average Inteligence
    One Track Mind
Hobbies: Hunting, Training

History: Danzo's was born to a powerful witch known as Miira of Trades, who had been believed to be dead for nearly 200 years from her own sisters. Who, by giving birth to a Meister of her own, needed a new powerful pawn for her future plans and by training one herself it could become more powerful and be tuned to who and what she wanted. In light of his plan Danzo was born and nearly from the moment he was born she began to use certain training methods in order to erase the presence of any human emotion from the child, making him a powerful fighting machine not bound by morals, guilt, or any other form of emotions other than the thrill of fighting and killing.

By the time he was 6 he was becomming what she wanted for even at that age he would kill of animals when they did not do what he told them to do and before he was 8 she brought him a special gift for his birthday. A human child for him to do what he wanted with, Danzo killed the child within moments which surprised Miira for she had thought he would torture the child first before killing him slowly. But by taking his life immediatly he showed a important side that she did not expect, the willingness to take life without hesitation. When she asked him why he just killed the other child he merely told her that he did not see any use for him.

Though everything truly changed when Danzo turned 10, a time when Miira discovered a powerful demon weapon formally known as Yagyū Munenori who was once the most revered weapon smith in the world though in his quest for power he became a pernament demon weapon and kishin egg traveling from one human to another over generations until finally falling into Miira's hands. It was this weapon that she saw to be the perfect weapon for her growing pawn. The weapon was givin to Danzo so that he could become one with the blade, make it more powerful in order to create a even more powerful pawn.

When he turned 13 the true tests were to begin, his training was now over and Miira would now begin to exact her plans and to do this Danzo needed to become strong enough to destroy anyone. Though she did not have the time needed to create Munenori into a Kishin the normal way, so she began to run experiments in how to quickly create one. She soon found that it became easier by having Munenori consume more powerful souls such as the Souls of Meisters and Demon weapons. The plan was simple enough, consume enough souls in a area to draw out a Meister and Weapon from Shibusen and then use that as bait to consume the two more powerful souls. All the while consuming normal souls as a filler. All the while creating other Kishin eggs to create more powerful corrupted souls for Munenori to consume.

This practice continued for nearly 6 years as the two become more and more powerful, all the while Shibusen never discovered that what was killing off the students was not just random kishin eggs, rather it was all a single dark soul specifically targeting the students. It would not be long until Danzo became strong enough to fulfill the plans and truely begin Miira's true goal.

The soft sound of the wind whispered through the town as it brushed past homes in the night air, a light mist rolling though the village, and the sound of a dog somewhere howling in the night air at the moon. A dark figure moved slowly across a rooftop, a dark mutated hand moving its way into the light of the full moon as it ran itself across the cold stone of the railing as it then jumped off of the roof top landing on the ground below. The figure was moving fast as it charged down the ally like a rabid animal. The creature sniffed the air as it started to pant as drool began to drop from its mouth.

"Who's down there! You shouldn't be alone in the middle of the night you know, theres a murder lose in the streets." said a Police officer who was looking down the dark alleyway at the shrouded creature, the police officer took out his flash light and shone it on the creature.

He became frozen in horror as his light shined on the creature. Its mouth becoming watery as its saw the man, its clothes ragged and spikes coming from its arms. The creature suddenly charged at the police officer faster than it could pull out his gun to defend itself. Before he knew it razer sharp teeth were digging into his neck and the creature crashed on top of him, thrusting him into the ground. He couldn't do anything, the creature was to strong, he was helpless as the creature ate him alive.

"Mad Dog Jurgen." said the voice of a young man down the alyway "Alright buddy lets get this creature down and tagged before the fat lady sings." he said as the person next to him suddenly changed form from a human into a sword. The creature turned its head as it heard the name 'Mad Dog Jurgen', it recognized the name but it wasnt even capable of speech anymore. More animal now than a human.

A moment later there were 2 people standing over a blood stain on the ground, the two children, as the one who turned into a weapon was eating a glowing red ball. Savoring the taste as he swallowed it whole, the taste of satisfaction running though his veins. "Well that guy tasted alot better than he looked heh heh." he said as his partern gave him a sighish look as the weapon man himself looked around the area "We should probably get going soon... this fog looks like it is just getting heavier. Still got to find our way back home." he said as his partner agreed with him though just as he said this the fog became so thick that he could not even see his nose. The two became immersed in a sea of white. "What the hell?"

As the weapon man said his last words a blade suddenly cut into his throat, severing his windpipe so he would not make a sound. "Hey dude where the hell are you?" said the other human, not even realizing that something else was in the fog hunting them. The other kid turned around and walked into something laying on the ground. The kid leaned down only to see that it was his partner with his throat slit open. But before he could even stand up he looked up and the last thing he saw was a giant blade swinging across his sight as he felt the cold steel move across his face

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