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Soul Eater-> Deria Hisaki

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Main Username: Grey Man

Name: Deria Hisaki
Nickname: Switch
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150lbs
Type: Weapon
Current Partner: None Currently


Appearance: Overall Deria seems to dress very randomly when compared to many of his same aged counterpart students. He wears a grey sleeveless sweatshirt, that he obviously ripped off the sleeves himself, where he usually always has the hood up. Over that he wears a grayish black jacket over his shoulders more like a cloak than a actual jacket for he never has his arms in the sleeves. Wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of military grade boots.

His actually physical appearance puts him at about 5'6" and around 150lbs, give 5-10. Having black un-kept hair that usually extends at least 2 inches off of his head, normally covering his eyes. Wile his Weapons appearance allows him to take on the form of a switchblade.

Personality: Cocky, laid-back, impulsive, battle hungry, amusement seeking: are some of the many words used to describe Deria where he would not even deny these facts about himself but rather he embraces them. He generally sees himself on a higher level than anyone around even if they are actually stronger than himself, though does not consider himself a god or anything alike. Drawing a large amount of enjoyment and amusement from fights especially if they prove to be strong. If he sees someone he wants to fight he will generally do anything in his power to make them fight them, even if it means resorting to underhand actions.

He tends to get very bored with anything he is doing, though usually if things tend to get predictable and repetitive. If they do get ether he will usually do something stupid/drastic/random, as said by others, in order to change things up. In fights he will do just about anything to win, not believing or having any sense of honor, for he says that there are no rules in love and war. Resorting to any kind of underhand trick or dirty move he can think of in order to win.

In terms of other people he tends to prefer to watch people do their thing, though when he does he usually does with a high amount of mocking sarcasm or insults. Generally not caring of the opinions of others. He also tends to draw a large amount of amusement to messing with others peoples emotional states, even if its in a emotional situation where it is far from welcome. Making people generally wary of his presence, especially when added to the fact that people generally never know when he is messing around or telling the truth.

He also has the natural knack for reading into peoples physical and emotional states from the smallest physical motion to their pitch of voice. Easily being able to figure out if something is bothersome, annoying, or even a emotional/touchy topic. Making him a good human lie detector.

Weapon Form: Switchblade
Fighting Stlyle: Deria's overall fighting style is a mixture of makeshift moves and random motions, using anything and everything in his arsenal in order to get the upper hand on his target. Though not having a actual form of martial arts, that most people would consider to be a disadvantage, his lack of form actually allows him to use more unpredictable movements. Using everything from underhand moves and dirty tricks in order to get a edge on his opponent. Making it all easier for he has little to no sense of honor.

His knack to reading into his targets makes it easy for him to figure out what annoys or angers people, then by exploiting and poking at it to frustrate the target and slowly force them to doing stupid things, or attacking before thinking. Where his actually physical movements rely of quick and agile movement, allowing him to traverse large distances easily and can jump high and far distances. Dodging/countering his targets attack and then quickly extending his blade to the unprotected/unsuspecting person.

His favored form of combat is not direct, rather it is unseen combat or in other words Assassination. Moving around unheard and unseen wile taking out the target wile they are unable to defend themselves from the attacks wile using his trained senses to follow and track his target.

    Partial Weapon Transformation
    Deria is very skilled in this area, capable of quick and nearly instantaneous partial transformations for both quick attacks and counterattacks. Along with his actual transformations allows him to be skilled in close and mid ranged combat. Wile his actual transformation, a switchblade, allows him to extend and retract his blades at high speeds from one or multiple points of his body over a decent distance.
Resonances: N/A
Special Notes: meerkat

    ~ Spicy Foods
    ~ Card Games
    ~ Fighting
    ~ Money
    ~ Poor People (For if they don't have money he doesn't have anything to steal or take)
    ~ Loud People
    ~ Situations that require Focus/concentration
    ~ Very Fast/Agile
    ~ Quick Thinker
    ~ Capable of being a Solo Weapon
    ~ High Endurance
    ~ Subtle/Stealthy
    ~Lack of Stamina
    ~Physical Strength
    ~Self Preservation
    ~Short Attention Span
    ~Battle Hungry
    ~Lack of Actual Martial Arts form

    ~ Conning People
    ~ Playing Cards
    ~ Fighting
    ~ People Watching
    ~ Making Money
    ~ Low Willpower
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
History: It is generally unknown when exactly Deria was born or even where for when he was just a few days old he was found on the steps on a orphanage in Moscow with nothing but the clothes on his back and no indication who he was or why he was abandoned. Making it most likely that he was born in a small village near Moscow and his parents were probably poor peasants. Though worrying about such things was not one of the things he ever worried or even wondered about, the facts remained that he was on his own and that is what he had to work with, nothing more, nothing less.

Life in the orphanage was simple for him, but annoying and frustrating for the other children in the place. To him one day was just another that he had to get though wile the others always worried about finding a new home and families. Something that Deria never really wanted. He never cared mainly because he found something else to be allot more trusting and permanent than family... Money. So in light of that revelation he went out to find ways to gain more and more of it so he would be able to do what he wanted, when he wanted.

He slowly became more adept in scams and cons in order to get more and more money, though he soon depleted the sources of cash flow within the orphanage and realized that he would have to leave to get more. So in the middle of the night he took everything he owned into one backpack and ran off into the night never to set foot in that pathetic excuse for a home again.

Two years later Deria was 13 and during his time traveling across Europe he discovered that he had what people called 'Demon Weapon Blood' running though his veins. This linage allowed him to take the form of a switchblade, one of his favorite weapons, and even take partial transformations. If there was anything that he was grateful for his parents, it was this and nothing more.

With his Demon Weapon he was able to actually defend himself and not just run away when he scammed someone out of all of their money, even against some other strong people. Though one day everything changed when he was in London after he turned 16. Looking for a fight with something strong he was chasing down what people called a Kishin Egg, some dumb soul that started eating human souls in order to become some sort of insanity god, overrated if you asked him.

It did not take long before he realized that the Kishin Egg was stronger than he expected and was put on the defensive. Though in a instant the tide of the battle turned when a strange person appeared and killed the Kishin Egg. The person looked a little older than him and was wielding a large blade who turned out to be a demon weapon like himself. It was though them that he found out about Shibusen. A academy for Meisters and Demon weapons.

Following the advice of the two he sought out the academy and went to place himself among their ranks in order to become stronger, and gain hold of more massive amounts of cash.

RP Sample:
"YOU SNEAKY LITTLE RUNT! ILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF WHEN I GET MY HANDS AROUND YOUR NECK!" yelled out a voice that was running though the dark alleys of London. The voice was coming from a rather ... large man who probably had way to much to eat and drink over the years and needed to go on a weight watchers program. Or at least that was what Deria thought when he saw him for the first time 20 minutes ago before he conned him out of all of his money. It was all to simple and way to easy for his own good... a little to literal.

Deria was hiding behind a dumpster sitting down wile counting out a large wad of cash. "Bloody idiot, should of realized that i had extras up my sleeve... but who ever said i was wearing sleeves Heh heh." he said to himself as he counted out the cash, a rather big haul for one fat greasy pig.

He continued to count out the cash when the sound in the air suddenly changed from a angry fat man to a scared fat man. The change in tone caught Deria by surprise when he could now hear the fat man running for his life. Though he wasn't wondering if he would be alright, he was wondering what was chasing him that would scare him off so bad. Peaking his curiosity he moved out from his hiding spot and tracked down the noise to the fat man, though when he got there he did find him but also something above him eating his soul. Above him was some wierd creature that resempled a human, though mutated... A kishin egg. "What Luck i have today."

RP Sample:

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