Uramichi Clan

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Uramichi Clan

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Clan Name: Uramichi
Location: Kusagakure
Signature Traits:
    Physical Characteristics:
    Those born within the Uramichi do not seem to possess any common physical characteristics for they range from one individual family to another but they always possess blond hair, though the actually physical style of it depends on the individual ranging from spiked and short to silky and long. Though despite anything those born of the clan always have blue colored eyes, and anyone born of the clan that do not have blue eyes or blonde hair are known to not possess the clans bloodline heritage. Their bodies tend to be thinner, less toned, and are normally very agile or quick moving. In terms of uniform, members of the clan prefer to wear light and clothing that does not restrict agile movement.

Kekkei Genkai:
    Koudo Kuchiyose (Advanced Summoning)
    Those born of the Uramichi bloodline are wielders of advanced forms of the Kuchiyose no Jutsu, they even go as far to say they are the true origin of the technique though nothing is certian, and all of the members have a natural affinity towards the technique itself. Members of the clan are capable of preforming the Kuchiyose no Jutsu without the need of blood or more than a single hand sign, neither do they need to place their hand on a surface to summon rather the summoning circle appears on a nearby surface once activated. Due to their natural affinity towards the technique it costs 30% less chakra to preform any kind of summoning.

    Some of the members of the Uramichi are born with the ability to use a doujutsu known as the Rindougen, or literally the Eye of many Paths, that allows its wielder to have a shared vision between themselves and any creature they summon. Who, when summoned, will possess the same eyes as the user.

Clan Jutsu:

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