OnePiece-> Hayate 'Black Coat' Jenstein

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OnePiece-> Hayate 'Black Coat' Jenstein

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[Name]: Dr. Hayate Jenstein
[Age]: 20
[Bounty]: ----
[Species]: Human, Cyborg
[Occupation]: Doctor, Mechanic, Vice-Admiral.
[Allegiance]: World Government
[Home Village/Ocean]: Yominokuni Island [Dead Country Meifu], Grandline
[Appearance]: Standing 5'10 and 170lbs, he allways wears his signature leather jacket with a Navy coat over his sholders.

[Personality]: Dr. Jenstein is one who has a tough overlook on himself and in life and believes "survival of the fittest" is the only law in life. He has eccentric treatment of his subordinates and patients whom he will violently threaten if they do not follow his orders, he will even deliveratly cause them pain as a form of diagnosis and he regulary uses anistetics for its easier to deal with people that way. He is, however, a legitimate and extremely skilled practitioner of medicine, mechanics, and in the military, in fact he is said to be the best in his field. He has a mysterious, yet serious personality who at first seems like he wants nothing other than. He has a very military view on everything, and any new form of technology found he wants it to be applied to weapons. Though despite this he does not hold his superiors views of 'Absolute Justice' and follows his own brand, and he takes anyone who believes in 'Absolute Justice' to be dimwitted and useless in the long run.
[]He also seems to be highly addicted to cigeretts, and he dosent care who the smoke bothers. Someone once said that within a day he can fill up every single bucket in a home of cigerette buds.
[Ship]: ---
[Ship Flag]: ---
[Devil Fruit]: ---
[Type]: ---
[Effect] : ---
[Special Abilities]:
Jenstein personally made himself into a Cyborg, himself believing that the best technology must be put to good use in every aspect.
Jenstein's body is composed of a lightweight metal that is stronger than any steel and it also has seastone put into the metal. Which most of his body is made of Cybornetic parts, the reason for this is that he lost limbs over the years and replaced them all with Mechanical ones. Because he is mechanical he posseses extrodiarny strength, speed, and agility. Due to the fact that he refuses to install high amounts of hidden weapons inside of his body [like other cyborgs] allows him to focus his bodies abilities more on physical abilities over weapons, which puts him on a different level from any other Cyborg, it is also made to be able to quickly switch out parts so even if he loses a limb it can be easly replaced. Though like any cyborg there is no replacing the brain. Due to the level of cybornetics in him he said that there was no need for most of his organs, which now he dosent need to breath or eat. He has retractable claws in his fingers and feet. He also has various dials built into his body, Reject Dials in his palms, Flash dials his index fingers, Jet dials in his feet [Which allows him to 'skate' on land and water]. He also has Water, Tone, and lamp dials in his chest.
Jenstein's eyes are entirely cybornetic, his eyes allow him to see extrodiary long distnaces, high speed movement, along with Night and heat visions. They also posses a identificatin system, which when it sees someone it shows the user thier name and if so bounty.
[Learned Techniques]:
[Weapon Name]: Humming Bird's Beak
[Description]: A Katana with a Black Hilt and Sheath.
[Weapon Special Abilities]: The Blade is made of a incredibly durrable metal, making it almost impossible to break it also has seastone in it. Though its true trait comes with what is inside of the hilt which is Special Tone Dials called 'Sonic Sound Dials'. The Dial releases a sound that is a higher pitch than what normal people can hear [Animals can hear it and it makes them nearly go crazy], and this sound itself actually constantly refills the dial. The sound waves vibrate the blade to such a frequency that it allows the user to cut though steel like butter. The hilt absorbes excess waves so it dosent vibrate in the users hands. This also gives the Blade its signatrue humming sound. The user can increase the frequency giving it more cutting power though it comes at the cost of time, for it to mutch higher frequeceny is used it can drain the dial.
[History]: Created by Jenstein himself in order to give himself a mutch needed edge in the next stage of the pirate age.

[Weapon Name]: P-3 Bazooka
[Description]: Is a twin Barrel Bazooka with a cartrage compartment in the middle, which there are 2 shell cartrages that go into it.
[Weapon Special Abilities]: The Bazooka's strongest abilities rely on its Shots. E-Shell: Is the standard issue shell which causes a devistating explosioin on impact. SS-Shell: Is a shell which has Seastone in the metal, and on impact is causes a explosion which shoots seastone shrapmetal to the surrounding area. N-Shell: Is a shell that shoots a large Seastone lined net, at targets, on its edges there are pikes which dig into the ground or walls holding the net in place, and also send a small voltage though the net acting like a tazer. The E-Shell's and SS-Shells also have a variation which shoots a homing missle.
[History]: Created by Jenstein himself in order to give himself and his men a mutch needed edge in the next stage of the pirate age.

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